That one time I tried on someone else’s wedding dress

13 May

Back in the day, I used to travel a lot and stayed in tons of people’s homes. I loved that part. I met so many awesome people and built up some crazy, fun stories to tell. This is one of those stories.

I was engaged. I was planning my wedding. Didn’t have my wedding dress yet; I was still on the lookout. I can’t remember the name of the family we stayed with but my friend, Bethany and I were staying with them and they had a daughter that was recently married. We talked wedding stuff constantly and looked through her daughter’s wedding photos. Her dress was absolutely beautiful.

I couldn’t stop thinking about their daughter’s dress. It was a beautiful ball gown dress. It was a deep, light rose color. Ok, that probably only makes sense in my mind. But it was gorgeous. It was simple and yet stunning.

So, we each had our own room that week. If you know anything about me, you know I am nosy. Like, nosy. I can’t help it. Don’t let me be in your house by myself. (That’s an exaggeration…maybe) Naturally, I started poking around the room I was staying in. I had the closet left. And what do you think was in that closet? The Wedding Dress.

There wasn’t a lock on my door. That didn’t stop me. I grabbed it out of the closet and opened it up and there it was. It was as beautiful as the pictures said. I thought for maybe a second about putting it back after that, but insanity kicked in and I started ripping off my clothes and put on that girl’s dress. (In my defense, she’d already worn it and gotten married.)

It fit like a glove! I’m not even lying. I was amazed. Like any girl would, I twirled around in it and admired myself in the mirror. Then someone knocked on the door. I flew around to the side of the bed and ducked down; heart racing, “Who is it?” Fortunately, it was Bethany. I told her to come in quickly and the look on her face was priceless. She’s one for “breaking rules” and thought it was hilarious that I had it on. She agreed it was gorgeous.

She left and I carefully put the dress back the exact way I found it. I seriously considered asking if I could wear it for my wedding, but it was way too nice for what Nick and I had already had planned.

If we had a re-do wedding? I would wear that dress. No questions.


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