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24 Sep

…I exercised for an hour at Rachel’s

…I am sore from that exercise

…I took a shower at someone else’s house

…I watched Alice in Wonderland with Carrie and Jane

…I watched a little girl eat spaghetti

…my cat caught another mouse

…my husband, Marley, and I took a nap on the floor of our guest room under a big blanket that has a sun on it

…we took all of our books off the shelves, took pictures of them, and then rearranged our house

…I thought about the child we could have soon

…I finished watching Anne of Green Gables

…I thanked Jesus for blessing me beyond what I deserve

I think I liked today


The Church Laugh

24 Sep

You know what that is right? Haven’t you all gotten it? It comes at the most inconvenient time; usually when the pastor is praying, or something really important is happening. Well at our brand new Sunday Night Service, I got it during Communion. And here’s the good part…

I was serving Communion as well.

I WAS SERVING!!!!! [smacking forehead] And I wasn’t just walking up the aisle and passing it along. No, we were standing IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CHURCH.

Nick had asked myself and my friend Allison to serve communion. I was a little hesitant because of my tendency to mess things up but I said yes. We showed up, got directions, sat through church. I was nervous. I can’t lie.

We were called up and went to our side of the church (after partaking and realizing we got the gluten-free bread. yuck). I could do this! The band was singing in the background and I was enjoying seeing my fellow church members come up and partake of communion. Then, a girl who shall not be named, dropped her bread in my juice bowl. She tried to get it out but couldn’t, so she grabbed another piece and left. After smiling and giggling at us, of course.

Ok, news flash. DON’T giggle at me during church. I can’t handle it!

I just lost it. Like, I couldn’t even breathe because I was trying to hold it in and it hurt so much! Every person that came up after that looked in my juice bowl and LAUGHED. I kept sneaking glances over at Allison, who in turn would puff out her cheeks so not to laugh and look away from me. This was going on for too long and I was in some serious agony. There was a lull in the line of people, so, I looked to my left and my right (I don’t know why, ok?) and I ate the piece of bread from my bowl.


Isn’t that like sacrilegious or something? Was I now extra spiritual for taking communion twice? I’m pretty sure this is where Allison really lost it. I kept trying to think of serious things, like my cat dying and such, to get my mind off of what I had just done. But then, it would find its way back in my head and my face would grow red-hot and I had to take deep breaths. I just needed to get all this laughter out! I hadn’t heard any of the music, I’m pretty sure everyone on our side of the church was staring at me, and I’m positive God was laughing at my stupidity. Fortunately communion doesn’t last forever and we walked out the back doors of the sanctuary. And then I let it all out.

I am not allowed to do communion ever again. You just shouldn’t trust me to do a serious job seriously.

Lil’ Miss Homemaker (Sorta)

18 Sep

I’ve never been a Top Chef. In fact, I don’t even really like cooking. But I read The Pioneer Woman’s blog and she is always showing me these fancy-shmancy recipes and I’m all like “heck I could do that,” full well knowing I can’t. And probably shouldn’t. You’ve never seen some of my disasters. scary.

However, since we’ve established before that I am not right in the head, I got this crazy idea last night after reading one of her posts and then seeing chocolate in my fridge that we’ve had since MEMORIAL DAY. Too long.

I decided to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls from scratch. Yes, you read that right. From SCRATCH. Yeah, baby! It just so happened that I had ALL the ingredients minus 4 things. This never happens to me.

It was destined for these rolls and I to be together.

I had dreams of going to do Yoga this morning after preparing the dough (and letting it sit for an hour to rise). Then coming home and humming my way through 30 more minutes of prep work like a sweet lil’ homemaker would.

Didn’t happen.

I started my prep at 9am after over sleeping and not going to yoga. My dough didn’t rise after it sat there for an hour. I went ahead with it anyway. It was terribly sticky and hard to work with. I covered our whole table with flour and borrowed a rolling-pin from our neighbors. The dough stuck to the rolling-pin and kept getting holes in it. I rallied on.

I poured the butter, cinnamon and sugar on the rolled out dough and it started streaming off the dough and onto the table. It was like a water fall. At this point, I dragged Nick into my mess. Why do it alone?

You can even see Nick trying to keep the butter from running off the table! He and Drew were real troopers and cleaned up that whole table for me. After rolling up the Cinnamon one, I realized I forgot to put sugar in them. There was only cinnamon in those suckers. So Nick just sprinkled some sugar over the tops! I was supposed to put them in a baking pan and let it rise for 30 minutes. That didn’t happen either. It was already 11:30am at this point! We hadn’t eaten anything yet. In they went.

RECAP: Nothing is going right at this point

Now, the icing. 2 different icing recipes, actually. One turned out PERFECTLY. What a relief. The other? Not so much. I was supposed to use an electric mixer but seeing as I don’t have one of those, I had to do it by hand. 8oz of cream cheese, 1 stick of butter, powdered sugar, salt, milk, and vanilla. This is impossible to mix by hand. Even for Nick. The end result was that the icing was not thick and had tiny cream cheese chunks floating around. Ugh.

Therefore, we invited Bryan and Sarah DeWire over. Because again, why do this alone?

Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls

You see the chunks? [That’s probably not the most tasteful word to use, huh. How about bits?] You see the bits of cream cheese? See how it’s all liquidy? Ah, my bane. The Cinnamon rolls got a little burnt on the bottom. But Nick roasted and sugared some almonds to go on them. So neither was perfect like my silly idea at the beginning planned it out to be. Especially since I told everyone we’d be eating by 10am, maybe 11am at the latest. We didn’t even sit down to eat until a little after 12pm! I’m pretty positive this only happens to me. Happy lunching, everyone.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the CCCSR but the Cinnamon ones were fantastic. Now I’m all out of butter and powdered sugar. I’ve had too much butter today. I can feel it creeping around in my fat areas, sticking and laughing at me. Durge. Must. Drink. Water.

Family Portraits

4 Sep

Welcome to my family. Scroll down at your own risk.

Yes, this is truly what happens when we’re together. It is only the beginning…

And, yes, I am aware that the quality on these pictures SUCK. oh well.

Adoption Update :: Money!

1 Sep

It’s true! We were given a loan!  Keep praying for us. Now we have to make our profile for birth moms and we’re set.

Is this really happening? Am I really trying to adopt? I can’t believe it sometimes. BUT IT IS!!

*calming down*

Your prayers are welcome and coveted!

Summer 2010 Recap!

1 Sep

I’m back from the dead!!

Did you miss me? I missed blogging. Nick and I have been so busy this summer! There are too many things to say so I shall show you in pictures.

I helped Jenny Rigney pack, move, and unpack her house. I also helped watch her son, Sam! He was way to fun to play with.

Mike Tong threw a “Be Like Nick Laparra” party. It was a riot! Nick was speechless all night.

Our small group went camping! Trent, Katie, Peter, Carrie, Drew, Allison, Stefan, Brenden, Nick and I.

Carrie, me, Katie, and Allison at the waterfall

Nick completely enjoying the water. He was the only guy strong enough to sit under that gush of water *swoon*

Allison, Peter, Carrie, Katie, Brenden, Nick and me. We’d made it through the waterfall and now needed food!

Our friends Tyler and John came to visit right after camping. I haven’t laughed so hard in forever! They definitely kept us entertained. And they loved Marley, so, kudos to them.

Speaking of Marley, we got him declawed! Now he no longer hurts me. It’s great. I still feel kinda bad when he tries to save himself from falling off the couch and there are no claws there to hold him up. But then I giggle. Only a little bit.

Nick and I’s 2 year anniversary was on August 8! We didn’t celebrate big time because we were going to see Wicked on the 21st. I had never been to the Orpheum before. It was terribly exciting!  For those of you that remember, Nick asked me to marry him in New York city right after seeing Wicked. However, during the show he developed food poisoning from food we ate beforehand!.He couldn’t enjoy any of the show. That made me so sad. So this time, I couldn’t wait for him to really enjoy it! And he did!

The show was seriously amazing. I was so overwhelmed by the musical talent. Nick and I couldn’t stop staring at each other with our jaws dropped. They were so awesome.

LOVE IT. I wanna be Elphaba. Please?

My friend Molly Piper had twins; Whit and Cadence! I was fortunate enough to be able to help her out all last week and then 2 days this week before we went on vacation. She also has two other boys, Orison and Morrow. I loved playing with the kids. Holding those babies made me want one of my own even more!

Our friends Kareem and Ashley came to spend last weekend with us. They have a 5 month old son, Nathan, whom Nick and I fell completely in love with! He had this cute little poofy afro and a terribly sweet smile. We spent a lot of time at the MOA. Ashley and I ate too much ice cream. Good times.

I am now sitting in my brother in law’s living room in North Carolina. Nick and I are on vacation visiting our families! We haven’t seen them since last Christmas. Yeah. I promise I’ll take tons of pictures and introduce you to my huge family. They are all so awesome!