She won’t be little forever…

28 May

Solace has been particularly whiny and grumpy the past week. I think she twisted her ankle in her new shoes and can’t seem to shake her “upsetness.” I’ve been going pretty crazy. I’ve literally got two babies that want to be held and cared for all the time, at the same time. I’ve been voicing my despair and desperation to Nick via text while he’s in California. Today, I put Belle down for her nap and snuggled for a bit with Solace on the couch while she drank her smoothie and perused through a Rolling Stone magazine (she’s so weird). I knew she wanted some “mama time.” So we just sat there and I started thinking about her growing up.

I don’t want her to grow up. I want her to be my little Sol-baby forever. I know she will be, but she won’t really be a baby anymore. I can’t stop crying when I think that way. In the midst of her being whiny and driving me insane, I knew I needed to think about all the things I love about her while she’s still my actual baby.


*I love her big, brown eyes that look at me with such love, trust, and silliness

*I love her long eyelashes that when drenched with tears only make me love them even more

*I love her chubby tummy that she constantly slaps while she’s in the bath tub

*I love her baby giggles and laughs; it’s infectious

*I love hearing her say “mama” and “papa”

*I love her crazy bed head

*I love how she loves to find her “button” and then proceeds to find ours

*I love how she plays with her pacifier when she’s sleepy


*I love how she lights up when she hears the van doors locked and instantly looks to the door, waiting for Papa to open it.

*I love her small, fat feet.

*I love her joy over seeing other little kids

*I love how she screams “daddy” at the top of her lungs but no one knows what she’s referring to because she calls Nick “Papa.”

*I love how she chases Marley around the house saying, “Barley, Barley!”

*I love her excitement when she hears the phone start FaceTiming with someone.

*I love watching her read her books for hours on end

*I love getting her up from her crib. She always wants me to hug her lamb and Tigger before she gets out.

*I love how adorable she is in every outfit she wears

*I love how fast she crawls


*I love watching her sleep peacefully; she really seems like a baby then.

*I love hearing her say “Baby! Baby!” Especially after she hears Belle talking or crying.

*I love how she pats my back when she’s hugging me

*I love how now she hugs us around the neck and squeezes

*I love when she kisses me on the mouth and says “mmmmm” every single time.

*I love how perfectly she fits in my lap. I could snuggle her til the end of time

*I love her beautiful, brown hair that shocks me still with how tightly curled it is.

*I love listening to her tell me stories during bath time

*I love her obsession with music and dancing.


*I love watching her take careful, excited steps and then stopping to congratulate herself.

*I love how she shake shake shakes with her hands in the air and her arms and head going crazy.

*I love her timid waves to people after they’ve finally stopped trying to get her to wave.

*I love how she never stops moving while she’s eating in her high chair

*I love how she crosses her feet at the ankles almost every time she’s sitting.

*I love her perfect, soft neck that I can’t stop kissing.

*I love watching her hands and fingers. They’re so chubby.

*I love that I have been gifted with this sweet, precious girl.


2 Responses to “She won’t be little forever…”

  1. robinbarnhart May 28, 2013 at 6:22 pm #

    I love her for who she is….Solace India Mae, our little pumpkin head!!

  2. Nick Laparra May 29, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    You’re the best mama around. And she’s the best Solace ever! EVER.

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