Meet the Laparras!

Welcome! We are the Laparras. We live in Tacoma, WA. The PNW all the way! We’re pretty nuts. Let me introduce…

He is generous, passionate, and intelligent.

Nick does all events and communications for Soma. He is an amazing husband and a wonderful Papa. He loves being with friends, parties, smoking a good pipe, and being generally weird. He talks often and loudly, he loves people to distraction and will serve you because he really desires to. He’s the best networker and communicator and knows way more people than I ever could or would want to.

He hates back rubs


I am easy-going, friendly, and honest.
I am a full-time wife and mother. My children are more than I deserve and my husband is more than I imagined I would ever have. I love to read. Like, really read. I love being with my close friends. I have no desire to stay out late. I love having people in my house. I want to sing on broadway but for now I am fine singing “Let it Go” over and over again because my children love it. Give me coffee, a fire, a book, & a blanket and I will be the happiest woman alive.

I hate cilantro


She is sensitive, artsy, and silly.

Solace was born on January 1, 2012. Our lives have been changed by this silly lady. She makes us laugh so hard. Sol is clearly a Papa’s girl. She loves to sing, dance, read, hoard her toys, wear dresses, wrestle, and boss her sister around. She thinks she’s a ballerina princess and acts out the part beautifully. She sounds more grownup every day and it slays me. Her favorite Disney princess is “Bella Mermaid” (translated: Ariel).

She hates meat except bacon


She is snuggly, transparent, and “Jekyll & Hyde.”

Belle was born on February 28, 2013. We never knew how badly we needed her until we couldn’t imagine her not being there. She is a Mama’s girl through and through. She can switch moods on a dime. She has no problem introducing herself to new people. She’s the loudest screamer there ever was and she fits perfectly on anyone’s lap when she wants to snuggle. Her favorites are her thumb, blankie, reading in her teepee, playing with her kitchen set, being outside, roaring at everyone, and kissing “Yoman.” Her favorite Disney princess is Elsa.

She hates having water on her face.


He is happy, squishy, and inquisitive.

Roman was born on November 8, 2014. Our first son and our last baby. He is such a delight. He loves to eat and sleep. He is my first fully breastfed baby and we are loving it. He gets overstimulated very easily. He drools a ton. He knows who his Mama is and can easily be calmed by his Papa. He is ticklish and has the most adorable smile & coos. He loves his fingers and will stop everything to stare at them.

He hates being on his back.



5 Responses to “Meet the Laparras!”

  1. Mom July 26, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    I love you two!!

  2. Jeanea July 29, 2010 at 2:15 pm #

    Can I just tell you that reading that you love Dr. Pepper and Graveyards makes me miss you more than most other things could. Talk about being nostalgic. (insert happy tear) :)

  3. hmstrait December 30, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    Versatile blogger award :)

  4. Sandra February 14, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    LOVE your soft pretzels!!!!!!!!!! I live in La Serena Chile, and they have nothing like them here. So I made them while all the guys were pulling out old carpet, and your recipe got more praise than the new floor!
    thank you Sandra, yup in Chile


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