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All of a sudden my little baby boy is 6 months old & there is weeping

8 May

I can’t believe I am writing this blog post. I am crying as I write. I can’t tell you how smitten I am with this little boy. Oh my goodness. It’s overwhelming. We find ourselves gushing over him constantly (his sisters included!). I watch Nick come home from a long day at work and immediately upon seeing Roman, something lifts, and it’s like Ro gives him that extra spark he needed to get through the rest of the day. He does that to all of us. He is so squishy, sweet, and so…baby. These 6 months have flown by. Please slow down, time. Please. You’re killing me.

How did my baby go from this:

to this??

Roman is the biggest joy in our home. While he has been our hardest baby out of the 3 (he’s really inconsistent), he’s still the easiest child we have right now. :)

At 6 months Roman:

weighs around 18lbs and is in the 69%
he is in the 3% for height! adorable
has been exclusively breast-fed. he doesn’t like bottles!
loves being kissed on the mouth. LOVES IT

hates being on his back
sleeps on his tummy
thinks his big sisters are amazing
pretty equally loves mama and papa. I love this about him
still sucks on his two middle fingers (on either hand)
always smells a little bit like sweat (which melts me into one huge puddle)

has crazy bed head all day
takes great naps
loves listening to music and being sung to
loves jumping in his bouncer or jumperoo
bath time is his absolute favorite thing to do
can not stay awake for more than 1.5 hours at a time. we have a sleepy baby!
rolls over from back to tummy and sometimes vice versa
drools all the time
is in love with his hands (and anyone else’s!)
doesn’t really like many toys

I love you Roman! Happy 6 months!


Series :: What I’m reading and you should too!

19 Jul

Back in 2008 I watched the movie The City of Ember and really liked it. I forgot there was a book version until about a year ago when I saw it at Goodwill. I bought it, read it, and really liked it! I also didn’t realize it was a series until I finished it, so naturally, I got the others at the library and loved them as well. It’s an interesting idea; post-apocalyptic.

The City of Ember


 The People of Sparks


The Prophet of Yonwood


The Diamond of Darkhold


I also just started this book this morning and I’m really excited to get in deeper. I’m totally an introvert so I can’t wait to read this and see how it can be of help to me.

Introverts in the Church


I am finally getting to the 3rd book in The Mortal Instruments series. I had it on hold for so long that I forgot about it until I went to the library yesterday and there it was waiting for me! Unexpected, fun surprise. I hate going so long in-between (series) books because I read so much that I usually forget most of what happened previously and have to rely solely on what the author provides in the next book. I’m only about a chapter in but it’s good and the last book is slowly but surely coming back to me!

The City of Glass


Series :: What I’m reading and you should too!

28 May

I just finished both of these books. At first it took me a bit to get into it, as with all new series, because there is so much back story and new elements introduced but after I got everything straight, I could not put them down. It’s written from a 13-year-old boy’s perspective and it’s obviously fiction. :) The second book just came out last year and I haven’t heard about a third book yet, but there better be one!

Ashtown Burials


I love N.D. Wilson. He wrote Notes from a Tilt-a-Whirl and the 100 Cupboards series (which I also loved).

City of Ashes


I also finished this book (which is part of another series that I wrote about in my first Series post). I liked them both and am waiting on the third to be available at our library. I picked up the fourth one and am hoarding at home until I can read it. As with the above books, it takes a bit to understand the back stories and new “magical” stuff. These are full of vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and, of course, young love. Haha. I’m so immature. But it’s so fun.

That’s all I’ve got for now!

Top 5 least favorite celebrities

10 May

You asked and I shall comply! Now let’s see…

Channing Tatum


Might as well just get this over with. I’m probably the only girl in the world who doesn’t think he’s good-looking at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure Nick even has a crush on him. But why does his neck have to be so large? And where did he come from anyway? It’s like all of a sudden he became women’s idol overnight and I’m all like, huh, Channing? What kinda name is that?

Chris Hemsworth

I’m sorry but he just doesn’t do it for me. And this time I know for a fact Nick has a crush on him. I don’t like blondes. I don’t like long hair. I don’t like his voice. I don’t like his scary, blue eyes.

Taylor Lautner


I have never “squeee’d” over him. Ever. Did you see him with the long hair in the first Twilight movie? I was horrified! And why is his shirt always off? What’s up with that? He is definitely not my cup of tea. No.

John Mayer

Celebrities at VH1 Save the Music event at Lincoln Center

Not feeling it. I think Daniel had a heart attack when I asked what the big deal was about him anyway. Is there something wrong with me? In the grander scheme of things, yes, there are many things wrong with me but not thinking John Mayer is cute isn’t one of them. I just can’t help but not feel anything about this guy.

Brad Pitt


I think it’s his voice that really bothers me. He isn’t too bad-looking, I guess. Although the long hair is gross. I don’t even mind his acting all that much but there are such cuter guys out there! And he is so overrated in my mind. Plus, he’s a blonde. Ick.

I don’t really spend all my time thinking about hot actors or non-hot actors. It took me forever to write this post and the other because I actually had to think about it. It’s when I see them on tv that I will comment how much I like/dislike them and then Nick will proceed to tell me I’m out of my mind cuz that guy is soooo hot or feel threatened that I will leave him for RDJ (mmm…maybe. haha JK babe!)

Who are your least favorite? Are you shocked by mine?? :)

Series :: what I’m reading and you should too!

6 May

We’ll see how long I can keep this up. I figure since I love reading and read so many different books, I should tell you all about it too. You’re welcome. :)

Current read(s)/recommendation:


It’s been taking me a while to get through this book but not because it isn’t interesting or not helpful. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. I would really encourage anyone to read this…and to re-read it, and read it again.


Nick brought this book home from a conference and when I spotted it, I stole it from the pile immediately. How could I not read this? It’s been so great. I love the fiction interwoven with real life.


One thing you will learn about me is that I love youth fiction/fantasy. I can’t get enough of it. I just started this book so I’m not very far in, but it seems interesting. We’ll see.

Past read/recommendation:


This was a hard book to get in to but worth it once you got going. This might be my favorite non-romantic classic. I love the old crazy woman in her wedding dress. I’m pretty sure they made a movie recently but I haven’t seen it yet. Helena Bohnam Carter is in it so I’m not sure why I haven’t!

Top 5 celebrity crushes

4 May

Disclaimer: This is obviously just for fun. In fact, it’s a struggle for me to even pick 5! I love my husband and he knows it. I asked if I could post this and he says quote- I don’t care- end quote. Well, there’s that.

Over at Rage Against the Minivan (one of my favorite blogs to read) she made a list and I thought it sounded like fun. The end. Mine are in a particular order. I’m picky.

Robert Downy Jr


RDJ. The hottest hands down. He’s Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes! Can it get any better than that? No. My friend CJ said it best…he’s “conceited, charmingly witty, and shamelessly flirtatious.” I’ll take it.

Johnny Depp


Hello sir. You are cute. Can his voice be any more awesome? And why does he look amazing as a pirate with eyeliner AND some crazy barber who slits people’s throats??

George Clooney


Silver fox! Look at his eye crinkles! He is so super suave. I have loved him in every movie he’s in. It’s like he does no wrong.

Christian Bale

HE’S BATMAN. Also? He will forever remain in my heart as “Laurie” from Little Women. That’s when this crush began. Ugh. I’m still mad that Jo turned him down…

Leonardo DiCaprio


In my defense, I saw him in Catch Me if You Can before I saw him in Titanic. I like him more and more as he’s gotten older. He is so classy and I looove his smile

Do you have any favorites? Come on ladies :) What I really want to post is my least favorite actors. I bet you’d be shocked (they’re probably most of your favs).

A list :: what I’ll miss and what I won’t

5 Feb

So I am almost 37 weeks pregnant. Solace was born at exactly 39 weeks. I could possibly not have a lot of time left to be pregnant (or a lot…but I doubt it)

What I’ll miss about being pregnant (cuz it’s better to start off positive about things)

– feeling this girl move in my womb. she never stops!
– getting my way. let’s be honest, who doesn’t give in to a pregnant woman?
– not feeling bad for walking slowly. waddle waddle
– feeling beautiful. it’s true, I’m one of those ones that feels like I look great all the time with this huge stomach protruding from my middle
– having people dote on me. ’nuff said


What I won’t miss about being pregnant (yes, it’s a longer list)

– waddling
– constantly being uncomfortable
– gas. yes, that kind of gas.
– not being able to get up from the floor on my own
– having to sleep on my side. I’m a back sleeper!
– I’d like some wine
– not being able to actually hold Solace in my lap
– pregnancy brain. it is the worst ever. ask Nick
– how difficult it makes having sex. just being honest
– being constantly tired. even showering makes me tired!
– feeling negative/emotional all the time. it’s hard to keep these hormones in check
– not being able to carry things…aka Solace…
– omg, I am so so hot all the freakin time
– so many doctor appointments
– feeling like I am missing out on life with people
– the anxiety caused by thinking about labor

All that being said (and even some things left unsaid), I have been blessed to have gotten so far in this pregnancy and this baby girl to be doing so well. I am simultaneously anxious for her arrival and also terrified.  2 children? Me? Oh Lord Jesus, I am going to need so much grace and help daily!