Part 2 :: Roman’s birth story

17 Mar

Part 1

When they finally came to get me, I had had several more painful contractions and was no longer worried that this was a false alarm. I know my body. I knew this was it. Unfortunately they didn’t allow me to walk up to the 14th floor of the hospital (if they had, I’m sure Roman would have come much faster). Wheelchair bound, they took me up to the triage room with my mom, Nick, Chelsey, and Lisa following behind.

Nick kept timing my contractions for me which were getting closer and closer together. Once you get to having your third baby, those sweet little contractions that get you so excited that your baby is coming don’t last very long. Your body goes headlong into the intolerable.


In the triage room they again asked me to pee in a cup. I get that they want to check for infection but it’s so annoying. They began to ask me tons of questions which I answered as well as I could in between contractions. I now had to bend down practically with my head between my knees and breathe in and out loudly while swaying back and forth.

  IMG_1072 IMG_1073 IMG_1074

They asked me this time before I was pushing my baby out if I wanted to touch his head and I got to nip that in the bud pretty quickly. I will touch his head when I’m holding him in my arms for the first time.

The view from our room was beautiful!


I was drinking lots of water after every contraction. Lisa held my cup for me and practically kept forcing water down my throat. Which I am thankful for. :) The nurse asked me to get on the bed so she could check how far dilated I was. It was really difficult to get on the bed. My belly was so large and my contractions were so painful. However, as soon as I laid down on the bed, my contractions slowed waaaay down. This was common throughout the rest of my labor. Any time I would sit down or lay down, my contractions would lessen significantly. It was nice to give myself little breaks when it seemed unbearable.

IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1077

I was 6 cm dilated now. I had been laboring for about 4.5 hours. It felt longer of course and I was already getting impatient. So when they asked if I wanted to sit in a wheelchair to get to the birthing room or walk, I chose walking. It was a slow go, but my support team was incredible. Every time I would stop to have a contraction in the hallway, I could hear everyone encouraging me and telling me how great I was doing. My nurse in the picture below was amazing.



When we got to the birthing room, everyone was hungry. I was too but not enough to actually want to eat. I think I remember someone asking me if any smells would bother me but I never answered. Lisa went down to the cafe in the hospital and picked up breakfast sandwiches + coffee. We found out later that she totally forgot to pay for the food! Haha. But she paid for the coffee! Once back in the room with the food, I labored to the smell of eggs. I didn’t think it would bother me but yuck. That was hard to tolerate. I didn’t want to complain though because c’mon, I was the one having a baby and couldn’t eat, not them! I needed everyone on top of their game for me. This was around 8am.


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