10.26 :: It always seems to be the perfect Favorite Day

27 Oct

Every year I get asked, “why in the world is TODAY your favorite day?” or “You can have a favorite day? For whatever reason?” Yes, I have a favorite day and have celebrated it for the past 8 years! This is so exciting to me.

I’m not sure what made me start. Why did I need a favorite day? How did I choose this one? It just seemed…perfect. The perfect fall day. And October is the best month of the year, everyone knows that. It all fell into place and I started to celebrate it faithfully every year. It’s almost like Christmas, that’s how much I anticipate it. I also have an amazing husband who goes way out of his way to make it special every year.

All week-long it has been raining. But not this day! It was sunny and gorgeous. I, of course, picked out adorable outfits for the girls. They actually didn’t look like ragamuffins.

IMG_0347 IMG_0353

We had our church gathering in the morning. Jeff and Jayne spoke together about prayer and man was it good. I finished my book club book (Alice I Have Been) during nap and then we carved pumpkins! Well, the girls colored on their pumpkins. I don’t think they need to use knives yet :)


IMG_0364 IMG_0365


We hung outside with the girls before dinner. You could definitely tell they hadn’t gotten to play outside in a while. They were just loving it.

IMG_0388 IMG_0391


Hello baby boy. Please come out. 

Dan came over to watch the girls while Nick and I went out for dinner. We ended up at Art House Cafe. Neither of us had ever had their dinner so we thought we’d try it out! My burger was super yum.

IMG_0356 IMG_0361


Because we are old, we were home by 7:50pm. We ate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and Oreos while we watched Catching Fire on Netflix (full disclosure: this was our second night trying to get through this movie and we still didn’t make it. Why are we old now??) My last view of this perfect day was:


Yes. I love it. I can’t wait til next year!!! Tell me some of you are finally going to pick out a favorite day??


One Response to “10.26 :: It always seems to be the perfect Favorite Day”

  1. Lydia October 27, 2014 at 2:38 pm #

    I always think of you in October! My favorite day would definitely be in October if I had to pick one. But my bday is already in the month so I can’t go TOO crazy. Love you guys. Miss you tons! (ps – I love the lock screen pic haha)

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