Belle’s birthday celebrations

5 Mar

It was a gorgeous day on Belle’s birthday! Seriously. Gorgeous. She had her 1 year checkup with Dr. Juj. We went for a walk to Bluebeard coffee which is right down the road. I got a latte and then the girls split a vegan and gluten free donut. We just hung out together the rest of the day and prepared for her party that night.

IMG_6930 IMG_6933 IMG_6934 IMG_6942

Belle got a special package in the mail from her Nana, Grandpa and some aunts and uncles!

IMG_6944 IMG_6951

We had friends over for a taco dinner and cupcakes for dessert for Belle’s birthday party. It was so much fun! Belle loves being with people so she really enjoyed being the center of attention.

IMG_6963 IMG_6964 IMG_6966 IMG_6967

photo by Chelsey Hawes Photography


This girl loved her cupcake! Oh my goodness. She screamed bloody murder when it was gone and she wanted more!

IMG_6974 IMG_6978 IMG_6981 IMG_7011


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