A toddler’s art of hiding

29 Nov

While the girls and I were visiting family on the East coast Solace learned some new things. Like hiding while doing something she shouldn’t be.

Example A

I told Sol she couldn’t play with the kitty toys at my parents. I left her and realized after a couple of minutes she was being very quiet.

If I can’t have the toys, I’ll just lay here for 10 minutes with my head in the basket instead.

Example B

Again, Solace was being awfully quiet. I didn’t get a picture of her in action but we couldn’t find her in the house. I finally saw her foot sticking up from behind the coffee table and then slip back down quickly. She looked up at me with her face covered in chocolate that had been accidentally left out from the night before.


Example C

Solace could not be found, again. We were all calling her name and looking everywhere. Suddenly I hear my sister, Liz laughing and saying she found her.


She’s not allowed to have her paci unless she’s napping or bed time at night. That little sneak butt was under the crib with her face toward the wall so no one would see her! Look at her sassy face…she knows


I’ll admit…I do love how funny and creative she is. :)


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