2013’s Thanksgiving!

29 Nov

Hi! Happy day after Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful, busy, fun, food-filled day. It was Belle’s first Thanksgiving this year! She loved being with all our friends. As did Solace. We hosted a Thanksgiving brunch at our house in the morning. A bunch of friends came and all brought amazing food. I made The Pioneer Woman’s homemade cinnamon rolls. Um. They turned out amazing. I mean mixing sugar, butter, cinnamon, dough and icing just never goes wrong, amiright?



We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for our evening meal and FTing with our families out East! Our neighbor, Kevin invited us to spend Thanksgiving evening with him, his family and friends. It was great! These people seriously know how to put together a spread of food. Every time we go over, food is in abundance and last night was no exception.


These were just the appetizers before the real meal!


There’s a deep-fried turkey there in the middle and then a prime rib under the foil!


Kevin cutting the prime rib!


So much good food. I’m not a huge fan of corn but one of the ladies made creamed corn and I died and went to Heaven. It was amazing.


We ended the day watching Friends Thanksgiving episodes!


I love my little family :)


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