Happy Halloween!!

31 Oct

This morning I decked the girls out in orange and black because, duh.


Then we celebrated Halloween with a special treat from Metronome; A mocha and an orange chocolate chip muffin! (which I just now realized is in character with Halloween colors. Go me.)


I thought about having Sol be a mini-me Corpse Bride but she wouldn’t leave the wig on. So funny.


This evening we took the girls down to the Proctor district to trick-or-treat. Sol dressed as a “Bella” (that’s what she calls all princesses. I was going to have her be Shirley Temple but I couldn’t get the outfit together in time.) And Belle was a pumpkin! Solace didn’t get any candy, she preferred to walk around and join other people’s families, stare, follow fun costumes and randomly sit down. All the while laughing and smiling like crazy.




Belle is such a cute little pumpkin!


We saw the Sheets’ in line to trick or treat so we got to get pictures of Solace and Georgia together!


We had chili and dessert at Jeff and Jayne’s house, then we came home to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters and watch The Corpse Bride!

Now I’m off to finish packing because the girls and I are leaving for TN and NC tomorrow for 2 weeks! Happy Halloween!!!



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