Sisters share a room!

15 Aug

Belle has been sleeping in our room for the past 5 months. I’ve been so done with her being in our room. I love her, but girl, we need space from each other. Nick and I needed to be able to turn the light on in our room after 7:30pm and talk above a micro-whisper.

My mom has been here for almost 2 weeks and before she left, I wanted to get the girls in Sol’s room together and have some motherly support while doing so. We try to lay them down at the same time so we don’t disturb Solace by bringing Belle in when she’s almost asleep and vice versa.

Night 1– Their first night together was Sunday evening. It went so well! I was shocked. They slept together like it was nothing new and didn’t wake up- either of them- until almost 8am!


Night 2– Not as well. Belle fell asleep immediately but was scared awake by loud men in the hallway. I had to finally rock her to sleep (which hasn’t happened in about 4 months) and then laid her back down. Solace was awake for all that time but she never cried. Just stared.

Night 3– Worse. Belle does NOT like being separated from me and being in a new room. She cried for 30 minutes and my mom sat on the top steps to block me from going in to get her! Solace, again, just laid there and would randomly pop her head up.

Night 4– No fussing from either when we put them down. My mom and I left to read at Metronome and Nick had the girls. He said at one point Solace cried a lot, which was unlike her. Finally she gave up crying and talked and sang instead. Belle did a lot better.


Night 5– No problems this time. Solace did talk and sing, per usual, before falling asleep. However, Belle was up a lot during the night because she would realize she didn’t have her paci. Every time I would go in, Solace would pop her head up and then lay right back down. Then Belle was up way to early so I brought her into my room in the pack-n-play so she could cry it out in there and not bother her sleeping sister.

Night 6– They both fell asleep almost immediately. Solace sang and talked for a bit and then knocked out. I think we’re getting somewhere!


All in all, it was a great decision. We finally got our first monitor/video monitor since Sol was 5 months old. It’s weird being able to see and hear the girls on the monitor and not have to strain to hear above the house noise or having to peek in the room without waking one.

As for naps, they sleep in separate rooms in the afternoon. I want them to nap as well as possible and that’s our best option since Belle sleeps longer than Solace. So, I just keep a pack-n-play set up where Belle’s crib used to be.



Let the girly giggles, chats, and mischief begin! 


2 Responses to “Sisters share a room!”

  1. Rebekah August 15, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    Oh the joys of sharing a room! I remember putting Benny and Jude together when Ben was four months. They get used to each other really quickly. And now else have three in one room! And a fourth in another…I still can believe we have four kids….whoa.

    I’ve thought about you recently. I remember reading your blog post about when you went into labor with Belle and Nick decided for some reason to hang a picture or a frame on the wall. Is that right? Guess what Mike did? He went outside and started sweeping the front sidewalk! So weird! The boys were in the house kind of in freak out/right before bed/so tired mode and there Mike is sweeping the sidewalk while I’m trying to get my bag packed to go to the hospital. Hilarious.

    Anyway, your girls are darling. You’ll find they grow even more attached to each other sharing a room. If one or two stay at grandmas, the others really miss them.

  2. Melissa Parnell August 16, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    Oh girl! I have a love/hate relationship with our girls sharing a room! But I love, love how close they are!

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