In sickness and in health…but this time “in sickness”

15 Jul

I was just sick for 4 1/2 days. Like, sick sick. Moms shouldn’t be able to get sick. I had the flu and who knows what else. Aches, pains, headache, dizzy, exhausted, vomiting, diarrhea…I barely ate for 4 days. I just kept trying to put water into my system since 1) it’s good for you and 2) I am still breast-feeding (my supply still went down nonetheless).

It was a terrible time. Some embarrassing moments ensued which will never be told on here. I’ve never been sick like that before and yet it was a time that helped make me appreciate Nick all over again.

He took off all day Thursday and Friday to care for the girls. I was laid up in bed all day Thursday; I couldn’t move. He would bring Belle to me when it was time for her to eat and then take her right back downstairs. He fed them, dressed them, took them for walks, put them down for naps, and tried to keep them as quiet as possible (which was rough since Solace was so whiny all those days).

Not only was he taking care of both girls alone (which was his first time doing so since Belle was born), he was also caring for me. Refilling my water, making me toast, grabbing me extra blankets, cleaning up after my sickness, doing the laundry, listening to me moan, hugging me, praying for me, and more. I kept apologizing for being sick (cuz I obviously have control over it) and he would lay my needless worries to rest.

Nicolas, thank you for keeping my mind at ease about the girls. Thank you for selflessly and graciously caring for all 3 of us alone while I was down. Thank you for loving me in my most embarrassing sick moments. I have a wonderful husband in you.


One Response to “In sickness and in health…but this time “in sickness””

  1. Nick Laparra July 15, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    Beck Beck, I love taking care of you. It was a joy. It was rough for me, honestly, because I’m not used to caring for the girls that much. It made me appreciate what you do all the more! You’re an amazing mother.

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