Belle is 4 months old!

1 Jul

Time is flying by way too quickly. Our littlest is now 4 months old. I’m falling more in love with her every day. I never knew how it was possible to love 2 children of my own, without feeling any favoritism or loving one less, but it is so surreal and natural to do so.


*Belle is the sweetest there is! There is something about her that makes your heart burst

*Belle now weighs 14 lbs 14 oz and is exactly 2 ft tall

*I am still able to breast feed her which is a brand new experience for me but she’s doing well with it.

*Her little tongue is always sticking out, especially when she smiles

*She’s a big talker. She coos and gurgles any time you look at her


*Belle loves to chew on her fingers and stare at her hands

*Bath time is really fun. It gets her super excited and yet is calming for her too

*She loves to roll over onto her side and chew on her fingers

*She literally never cries. I’m serious

*Sleeping has been getting better and better. She is still swaddled, sleeps through the whole night now, but sometimes wakes up for her paci or because she came out of her swaddle. (She’s really strong)


*Belle adores her big sister. Solace is constant entertainment for her

*I love her two dimples. They are so big and so adorable

*She sits in a bumbo but much prefers to stand supported or lay down. Never sits!

*Her smile is infectious and she smiles so much! It’s such the sweetest. I melt every time she smiles at me

*She’s the craziest drooler! I always forget to put a bib on her, but she desperately needs it

*She still has her baby blue eyes. I really hope they stay that way!


*She takes a 1-1.5 hr morning nap in the swing and then naps for 3 hours in the afternoon

*She loves to stare at toys and is now starting to grab them and chew on them

*She would win any staring contest. Once she has you in her gaze, she’s not letting go

*She is beautiful…just as her name says she is

*She’s a very hot-natured baby

*She only takes a pacifier when she’s tired. Otherwise, she spits it out as far as she can


I love being a family of 4 now! Belle adds so much more love and fun to this little family. We are blessed by her daily. I love seeing her sweet spirit develop and can’t wait to be a part of watching her grow more every day. I love being this girl’s mama!



2 Responses to “Belle is 4 months old!”

  1. Sarah July 1, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Becky, she is so beautiful! And it is so weird to me to think that I literally have never met one of your children. Such a sad thought. : ( I love hearing all about who she is…keep that stuff coming, please!

    Love you and miss you, friend.

  2. Ashley Cooper (@ashley_cooper89) July 1, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Beautiful little family :)

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