Story time with Pappy!

4 Jun

We were FaceTiming with my parents and Solace was whining because she wanted me to read to her instead of talk to Pappy (this girl could read all day. And she does, in fact. She rarely plays with her toys) I grabbed a book on my end and started flipping through it but my dad grabbed an instruction manual for the new vacuum they bought and told Sol this story:

Once upon a time, a vacuum broke into these poor people’s house and started vacuuming up all their stuff! They had nothing left! But he couldn’t get into the neighbor’s house, you know why? His cord wouldn’t reach! And then, like all good things, it reached its 90 day warranty and completely broke! Ah!

Here’s to random stories that fully entertain my daughter :) I love modern technology for times like these.IMG_2323



One Response to “Story time with Pappy!”

  1. Nick Laparra June 4, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    Love this!

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