Top 5 least favorite celebrities

10 May

You asked and I shall comply! Now let’s see…

Channing Tatum


Might as well just get this over with. I’m probably the only girl in the world who doesn’t think he’s good-looking at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure Nick even has a crush on him. But why does his neck have to be so large? And where did he come from anyway? It’s like all of a sudden he became women’s idol overnight and I’m all like, huh, Channing? What kinda name is that?

Chris Hemsworth

I’m sorry but he just doesn’t do it for me. And this time I know for a fact Nick has a crush on him. I don’t like blondes. I don’t like long hair. I don’t like his voice. I don’t like his scary, blue eyes.

Taylor Lautner


I have never “squeee’d” over him. Ever. Did you see him with the long hair in the first Twilight movie? I was horrified! And why is his shirt always off? What’s up with that? He is definitely not my cup of tea. No.

John Mayer

Celebrities at VH1 Save the Music event at Lincoln Center

Not feeling it. I think Daniel had a heart attack when I asked what the big deal was about him anyway. Is there something wrong with me? In the grander scheme of things, yes, there are many things wrong with me but not thinking John Mayer is cute isn’t one of them. I just can’t help but not feel anything about this guy.

Brad Pitt


I think it’s his voice that really bothers me. He isn’t too bad-looking, I guess. Although the long hair is gross. I don’t even mind his acting all that much but there are such cuter guys out there! And he is so overrated in my mind. Plus, he’s a blonde. Ick.

I don’t really spend all my time thinking about hot actors or non-hot actors. It took me forever to write this post and the other because I actually had to think about it. It’s when I see them on tv that I will comment how much I like/dislike them and then Nick will proceed to tell me I’m out of my mind cuz that guy is soooo hot or feel threatened that I will leave him for RDJ (mmm…maybe. haha JK babe!)

Who are your least favorite? Are you shocked by mine?? :)


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