Belle’s birth story :: Part 3

3 May

Belle’s birth story part 1
Belle’s birth story part 2

Pushing while in labor is the single best feeling. It relieves so much pressure and pain. It was the best part when I was giving birth to Sol, and the same with Belle. I felt so in control, finally. However, unlike with Solace, I actually knew what was coming after I pushed. Belle would be here. That really kept me going. I wanted to see her and I really wanted to be done being pregnant.

I pushed for about 15 minutes. God had mercy on me and gave me several minutes in between some of my contractions so I could rest and build my strength back up to push. Apparently everyone (Chelsey, Lisa, Nick, Jessica, my nurses) were all telling me I was doing amazing but I honestly couldn’t hear them. I would come up for water, which Nick always had right there for me, and go back to pushing. At one point I asked if I was close, to which they answered yes. Then Jessica asked if I wanted to feel Belle’s head. My response was, “I do not.” I think she laughed at me for 2 minutes. But seriously  if I’m that close to having the baby, I just want her OUT and touching her head, not while she’s still inside and prolonging this agony!


I pushed on my side/belly for most of the time and then right toward the end Jessica had me switch fully onto my side so they could hold my leg up and give Belle more room to come out. At last, I felt a pop and was taken aback. I lifted up my head and was like, is she out?? But I still had the rest of her little body to get out. I’ll never be able to explain the feeling of a body coming out of my vagina. Never. (And apparently my water completely broke as the rest of her came out, which was an unwelcome surprise to those around me!)

She was born at 2:32am on February 28, 2013. My first thought after she was born, honestly? I’m so glad I’m not pregnant anymore. It just was! But it lasted all of 2 seconds and then I wanted to see Belle so badly. Her umbilical cord was pretty short so when they laid her on me, I heard everyone exclaiming how beautiful she was, but I couldn’t see her face! In the chaos of things, no one heard me say that til I finally was like, “seriously Jessica you have to cut her cord, it hurts me and I can’t see Belle’s face!” Then she peed all over me. I heard the nurse exclaiming it and I was all like, yeah I know, I can feel it. Motherhood. Nick cut the umbilical cord which was fun to watch and see his reaction.


The relief and the happiness is instantaneous. I was so in love. I had bonded with her- heart, mind, and soul- immediately. I still could feel the pain though. I must be one of the only mothers out there that doesn’t “instantly forget the pain” because, holy crap, there was pain. And I still remember it! I had to be stitched up for a while afterward because she had cut me coming out (her arm was bent so her elbow came out after her head instead of her shoulders). This was when they took her measurements. Jessica swore up and down she thought Belle was 9 or 10 pounds. She said she’d helped birth many babies and Belle was so solid and large! However, she was just 8 lbs 11 oz and 20.5 inches long. I had a 5 hour labor, unlike the 34 hours with Solace! (Thank you, Jesus.)


Later in the recovery room (I obviously hadn’t looked at myself in a mirror yet) Nick commented on the “dots” on my face. Apparently I had been pushing so hard, so quickly that I had broken blood vessels in my face which looked like red freckles (according to Nick). That was something I never thought I’d experience. I looked so odd! They went away after about a week.

Lisa recorded Belle’s birth from the time Jessica arrived until the end, which I didn’t know she was doing but am now SO grateful for! I’ve watched it several times and I cry every time. I keep reliving the feelings and emotions I had then. Childbirth is so amazing and I can’t believe I did it naturally. I’m glad I had that experience. Jessica told me that if my water had broken at home, I would have never made it to the hospital. That was my saving grace! I could have birthed Belle at home, and y’all that is not cool. At all.


Having the time alone with Belle in the hospital was such a treasure. Nick and I got some rest and were able to stare at our newest girl all day long. Dan brought Solace Thursday afternoon for her to meet Belle. She was a little put off about her but it was also her nap time. Now, she loves her and gives her kisses all the time. (when she’s not pounding on her like she’s a drum!)


If you are about to have a baby, I can not suggest strongly enough having a birth photographer. I so regret that I didn’t have one with Solace. As I look back on the pictures now, they are such a gift. I love that we will have them to remember that day forever!

Belle-Belle, we are so glad you are our surprise blessing! You are the cutest, sweetest little girl. I love you so much, darling.


4 Responses to “Belle’s birth story :: Part 3”

  1. Tab May 10, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    You are definitely not the only mama out there who remembers the pain. Our fourth child is 12 months old and I still remember how excruciating my au naturale labor was with him. Congrats on your sweet daughter! Way to go, Mama!


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