Belle’s birth story :: Part 2

29 Apr

Belle’s birth story part 1

Of course, the drive to the hospital felt so long even though it was only about 7 minutes. Nick even ran some red lights. I checked into the emergency room. I was fading fast; barely remembering details as I began falling into my own little “contraction world”. For some reason, we had to wait in the emergency waiting room for like 15 minutes. That was torture. When they finally came with my wheelchair, I was literally gone. I could barely hear what people were saying to me. It was not comfortable at all to sit down. The lady pushing me was the definition of “slow.” Holy crap. Afterward, Nick told me was this close >< to yelling at her. I believe him.

When we got up to the birth floor, I was put in another waiting room. Apparently, the rooms were full and they weren’t ready for me yet. The lady asked if I wanted to sit in a waiting chair. I remember asking her how long were they planning on me sitting in there? I wasn’t for anything going to move from that wheelchair until I had a room to give birth in. I wanted to push and was trying so, so hard not to. When they finally got me into the triage room (the room where they let you labor until you’re ready to deliver) the nurse asked what the plan was to have this baby. I told them safely (duh) and hopefully naturally. She then asked me to pee in a cup. Seriously? What is the purpose of that? I was having contraction upon contraction and the idea of peeing in a cup was ridiculous. I changed into a blue nightgown and tried to pee in that stupid cup.


I pulled my stomach over as far as I could (you can only picture that if you’ve been pregnant) and attempted the impossible. I then started to have another contraction and literally threw my cup of pee at my beloved husband who in turn got my pee all over his hand. I felt bad, apologized and then felt even more gross cuz I had pee all over my hand too. As I sat there having another one, I was trying not to push. My nurse looked at me and says, “What are you doing? Don’t you have that baby on the toilet! Get over here on this bed right now so I can check you!” Haha.


Apparently, I was dilated at 9cm (out of 10). It was 1:45am. My nurse says “Well, good thing you planned a natural labor cuz that’s what you’re doing.” As I lay on the bed, I went back into my “contraction world” while everyone around me flipped.out. Literally. What seemed like a million nurses showed up in the room and they began to transfer me to the laboring room. I heard them shout out to get my midwife here and then they pushed my bed out of the triage room. It took an awfully long time to get there. They kept bumping my bed into things (ok not they, just the one slow-as-molasses lady, who I found out isn’t even a nurse!).


My water hadn’t broken yet and Jessica still wasn’t here. Chelsey showed up as I was put into the laboring room. I said hi real quick and then closed my eyes again. Everyone kept telling me not to push, that Jessica was almost there. There was a doctor waiting outside my room in case Jessica wasn’t going to make it in time. I wanted her there so badly. I concentrated on breathing. I felt like I was falling apart. My insides were locked in a crazy vice-like grip. It was so painful. So horribly painful.

Jessica arrived around 2:10am. She touched my arm and told me she was there. I instantly felt relief. I knew that I could have this baby now. I knew if I started pushing that everything would be ok. My water still hadn’t broken so Jessica told me she was going to break it, which would help progress things (as if they weren’t progressing pretty quickly in the first place).

to be continued…

Part 3


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