Belle’s birth story :: Part 1

13 Apr

On February 27, 2013 I felt absolutely horrible. Now, I had a terrible hard pregnancy. I had to carry around a 25 pound baby and 30 extra pounds on top of that. And that day I was done. My due date was in 2 days and I was not willing to go over 40 weeks and still be pregnant (as if I would have had a choice anyway). My back had never hurt so much. I was beyond tired. The weariness was deep in my bones and never left my mind. I was crying out to God every day to just let it end. I had even had my hospital bag packed for a week. (I’m a procrastinator. The fact that I had completed that task was huge). I took a 2 hour nap while Solace napped (which turned out to be so God’s sovereignty for me) and felt a little better.

We had Missional Community that evening. As I walked in the door I saw Jayne Vanderstelt. She took one look at me and said, “You’re done aren’t you? I’m praying over you tonight. We all will.” My friend Danielle gave me some raspberry leaf tea to drink. I  let Nick and Daniel take care of Solace. I couldn’t move. We ate dinner and then all sat down in the living room. Before we started, Jayne stopped everything and began to pray over me. It felt amazing.

As soon as Jayne finished praying, I had to go to the bathroom. I noticed some blood when I finished and tried not to get too excited. As I left the bathroom, I had my first contraction. It was 6:45pm. I texted my friend Lisa who was going to be in the hospital room with me. I had about 3 contractions while we were at our MC. We left around 8-ish so Solace could get to bed. I still hadn’t told Nick I was having contractions. I knew how he would get and I figured we’d have a lot of time for him to freak out anyway.

At 9pm I had my first very strong contraction (that’s when I count my labor officially starting). Nick had been debating whether to go over to the Sheets’ to pick up the bed we were borrowing for all our guests for the next 2 months that night or the next day. I walked into the library and told him to get the bed tonight. He says, “Oh really? Why do you say that?” I told him because Belle was going to be here by tomorrow.

You guys. Instantaneous freak out. “What? Are you serious?? DAN! WE’RE GOING TO GET THE BED RIGHT NOW!” He literally flew out the door. I told Lisa it was game time. She finally called me and started freaking out over the phone.


When Nick and Dan got back, they set up the bed and I called immediate family to let them know I was in labor (this was around 10:00pm). My dad told me he was going to pray that my labor was “fast and furious.” How true that would end up being. Nick continuously asked me if it was time to go to the hospital. I kept saying no and so he decided it was time to hang things on the walls. Yes, that’s right. He hung a mirror and two frames up on the wall. He had been meaning to do it for a while now, but this was the perfect time. :)


I kept folding laundry and we all watched New Girl. Every time I would have a contraction (which were really hurting and I couldn’t talk anymore) they would go completely silent, pause the show, and stare at me. No thank you. I finally told them to stop. It was weird. I tried to go upstairs to lay down and get some rest but my contractions got immediately worse so I went back downstairs. I had started timing them around 10pm. Lisa decided to come over around 12am. She began timing my contractions for me, meaning I would say “Ok” when one would start, she would hit the timer button on my phone and then I’d say “Ok” when it was done and she would stop it.




I paced A LOT. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lay down. It hurt like crazy. I would be freezing in between contractions so I stole Nick’s zip up hoodie to wear. Then during contractions I would get so freakin hot that I would tear the hoodie off as fast as I could and throw it to the floor. Repeat.

Lisa had been texting updates to my midwife, Jessica Rowan, who (miraculously!) was on call that night. At about 1:15am we all decided it was probably time to go to the hospital. My contractions had been about 2 minutes apart for the last hour and getting more intense by the second. Nick called the hospital to let them know we were coming. Then he called Chelsey Hawes, a friend who was going to photograph Belle’s birth (she tells her side of the story here), to tell her we were leaving and she left her house as well. Daniel was home sleeping and had off til Friday night so Solace didn’t have to go anywhere the whole time, which was so perfect.

to be continued…

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