A list :: what I’ll miss and what I won’t

5 Feb

So I am almost 37 weeks pregnant. Solace was born at exactly 39 weeks. I could possibly not have a lot of time left to be pregnant (or a lot…but I doubt it)

What I’ll miss about being pregnant (cuz it’s better to start off positive about things)

– feeling this girl move in my womb. she never stops!
– getting my way. let’s be honest, who doesn’t give in to a pregnant woman?
– not feeling bad for walking slowly. waddle waddle
– feeling beautiful. it’s true, I’m one of those ones that feels like I look great all the time with this huge stomach protruding from my middle
– having people dote on me. ’nuff said


What I won’t miss about being pregnant (yes, it’s a longer list)

– waddling
– constantly being uncomfortable
– gas. yes, that kind of gas.
– not being able to get up from the floor on my own
– having to sleep on my side. I’m a back sleeper!
– I’d like some wine
– not being able to actually hold Solace in my lap
– pregnancy brain. it is the worst ever. ask Nick
– how difficult it makes having sex. just being honest
– being constantly tired. even showering makes me tired!
– feeling negative/emotional all the time. it’s hard to keep these hormones in check
– not being able to carry things…aka Solace…
– omg, I am so so hot all the freakin time
– so many doctor appointments
– feeling like I am missing out on life with people
– the anxiety caused by thinking about labor

All that being said (and even some things left unsaid), I have been blessed to have gotten so far in this pregnancy and this baby girl to be doing so well. I am simultaneously anxious for her arrival and also terrified.  2 children? Me? Oh Lord Jesus, I am going to need so much grace and help daily!


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