I’ve officially started the year 2013 now

10 Jan

I haven’t quite caught my breath completely after that 2 week vacation we were just on. I’m just now thinking about the new year and on New Years Day I don’t care about anything anymore except Sol’s birthday! However, the year 2012 was one of the biggest since getting married and moving to Minneapolis. Let me show you:

-January 1, 2012 we rang in the New Year with me drugged up and in labor, toasting with ice chips and then Solace was born. BOOM. Instant life change for the year.

-Found out Andrew and Lindsey were pregnant!

-I turned 24

-In March, Sol and I left for 2 weeks to visit family…their first time meeting her!


-Seriously considered buying a beautiful house in the Phillips neighborhood (literally my dream home) but didn’t cuz, well, it’s Phillips :(

Drastically changed my eating habits in an effort to lose weight

-Nick went to Soma School for a week in April

-He came back and told me he thought we should move to Tacoma, WA to do his job with them instead of remotely in Minneapolis (which was the plan for months)

-Decide to move to Tacoma, WA…leaving in 6 weeks

-In NC for a week to see more family and be in Bekah’s wedding!


-June 9, Nick and John Quick drove all our belongings to Tacoma. Sol, Marley and I left 3 days later

-5 days later, flew to CA to meet with City Vision people for 4 days


-1 day after getting back, Nick went to work at TGC Women’s Conference

-While he was gone I found out I was pregnant

-One week later I flew to PA/TN for 2 weeks with Solace and told our families I was pregnant

-Sicker than sick for 11 weeks

-Celebrated 4 years of marriage

-End of August we moved into a larger house


Nick turned 29

-1 week later we left for TN for my brother Kyle’s wedding to Jessica!

-While there, Nick decided to take a job with Reach Records as their tour manager…leaving in a week for 7 weeks

-Nick flew back to Tacoma from TN for a couple days while Solace and I left for Minneapolis for 2 weeks to hopefully be there when Lindsey’s baby was born

-Sybil Elise Laparra was born October 2, 2012…a mere few hours before Solace and I flew back to Tacoma


-Nick on tour for 2 months………..

-Found out we were having another girl!

-Switched over to seeing a midwife

-Got involved with Soma kids as a nursery coordinator

-Elisabeth came to stay with me at the end of October for 1 week


-Nick home for good 4 days before Thanksgiving

-Had 2 Christmas parties in our house

-Left for NC/TN for 2 weeks the day before Christmas


Craziest year of my life. Not even joking.I even left some things out! And to ring in 2013, Nick’s brother, Daniel, has come to live with us! I am SO HAPPY he’s here. 2013 is shaping up to be pretty awesome and crazy as well. I am so excited for our 2nd little girl to be born! (do not confuse that statement with thinking I am excited to push that baby outta my “you know where” cuz I’m not)

I’m ready for you 2013!


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