Celebrating Sol’s birthday

3 Jan

Solace is ONE! You guys! What is going on. I can not believe a whole year has passed and now my tiny baby girl is so old and one! Oh my…

For her birthday, we were able to celebrate with both sides of the family! Albeit not together but that way she got two parties :) The first was 2 days before her birthday with the Laparras. She got to have her first cupcake! Chocolate on chocolate because that’s Mama’s favorite. heh. Our daughter had no problem digging into her cupcake. None whatsoever!






She ate the entire cupcake. That’s my girl for sure.

On the day of her birthday we were with the Barnharts! We decorated the kitchen with snowflakes. Solace loved them. They’re still up and she points to them all the time.




Birthday girl’s special chair!


For some reason, Solace was not nearly as interested in these cupcakes. She actually cried after a bit when we gave it to her! Too much sugar, I guess.


Her uncle Michael had a special gift for her and introduced it in a very…unusual way. I fortunately caught it on video.

Yes, that really did happen! haha. We had to search for the gifts which were strewn all over the house. He was able to find all of the Seven Dwarfs, which I had tried to buy YEARS and YEARS ago, off of eBay!


My dad is an excellent artist and made a card for Solace rather than bought one. It’s so, so awesome. It’s Pooky!


The inside reads:

Dear Solace,

It all started one year ago, we’ve watched you close on video.
Your little face grows ever cuter as we observe from our computer.
We always long to grab your face, and smother you with loves embrace.
So be a dear and move back here, then we can hug you all the year!

Love, Pappy and Mamie

Um…so sweet. And it’s probably gonna be framed :)

I’m so glad you’re ours baby girl. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!



One Response to “Celebrating Sol’s birthday”

  1. Ben Barnhart January 4, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    I already spoke my heart in the card sin embargo….we have had the greatest time having this ever growing family here in our house for the week. We love you all very much. BLOG ON BECKY!!

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