chopping down our Christmas tree!

26 Nov

I have always wanted to chop down our Christmas tree. It seems like the perfect and logical thing to do around Christmas time. I had never done it before! Or…so I thought. Until I talked to my mom and she told me we used to do it every year when we were little and lived in Pennsylvania. Memory fail. I could even hear the sadness in her voice that I didn’t remember. (I’m sorry mom!!! Maybe it’s just me and the boys were spared!) That being said, I know without a doubt Solace won’t remember her first Christmas tree cutting experience. But Nick and I will! And that still definitely matters.

We went with Randy, Lisa, Georgia, Lucy and Bre. Seriously, a fun bunch.


Randy stopped to kiss some goats…

…and Nick stopped to pee. for real. Sol’s face is hilarious

so many to choose from on this farm!

Randy and Lisa thought they found “THE TREE” and we went through all the craziness of getting Lucy out of her carrier, taking off Georgia’s jacket, making sure Lisa’s hair looked good, etc…then Randy looked at the trunk and it was the thickest trunk ever! No way would it have fit into a standard sized tree stand. So…there’s the Sheets’ and Bre with someone else’s Christmas tree! I think the tree they ended up finding was more gorgeous anyway.


about to cut it down!

sol is happy about it

Randy’s tree was being difficult. sometimes it takes two guys to chop down a tree. sometimes…

so much fun! I should have videoed Nick and Randy as they tied down Randy’s tree to his car roof. It took forever! haha. Then we gave Solace her first candy cane…but it was still in the wrapper. She figured out how to open it later and, of course, loved it.

On the way home we stopped at Five Guys for lunch. Oh…that mess it so, so good. We left stuffed and happy :) I’m pretty much ready to keep that tradition going!


2 Responses to “chopping down our Christmas tree!”

  1. Mom November 26, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    What awesome memories your making!! You’ll remember them 25 years from now even if Solace doesn’t. Oh and amazingly enough Michael remembers going to the Christmas tree farm and running through the trees and hiding in them with Kyle!


  1. Christmas Cheer! « Becky Laparra - December 23, 2012

    […] of course, our Christmas tree! I wrote a whole post about how we chopped this baby down. It touches the ceiling and it’s beautiful! We’ve gotten so many comments on our tree. […]

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