Another year, another favorite day!

26 Oct

For the past several years I have celebrated October 26 as my favorite day of the year. My favorite non-holiday day. The perfect sounding fall day. This year is no different :)  Unfortunately Nick isn’t here again this year for today, which makes me really sad. Hopefully he will be here to celebrate next year! But this year I had a special someone to celebrate it with.

this girl!

I was SO excited for her to be a part of this day with me. I even picked out her outfit the night before! I’d been waiting for the perfect day for her to wear this shirt. October 26 is, of course, the perfect day. (It barely fits her fat arms and it’s size 18 months!)

This morning I asked Lisa and her daughter Georgia to eat breakfast with me at Panera. They have an amazing cinnamon crunch bagel. (I miss my Bruegger’s cinnamon sugar bagel and this is as close as I can get to it out here!)

It’s pretty rainy outside today so we walked around the mall for a while and just talked. Then somehow we ended back at Panera for lunch! Hey, we’re two pregnant girls that enjoy eating and Panera is the best there is at the Tacoma Mall!

Sol didn’t get a nap this morning so she fell asleep on the way home. She then proceeded to sleep on me for a little bit. I took full advantage of it since she doesn’t do that anymore!

We spent the rest of the afternoon napping, playing with toys, snacking and watching The Voice. It was relaxing. Nick had forewarned me not to make dinner plans or even to make dinner because it was being delivered. At 6pm, John, Heidi and their kids, Emery and Leeland came bringing flowers, Coke, and Chinese food from Nick! We all ate together and hung out. Then the kids started breaking down so they left.

I gave Solace a bath and we talked to Nick over Skype before she went to sleep. Now, I shall enjoy this before bed :)

I love how different each year is on this day. It’s never been the same. And hopefully next year we will have another little lady added to the fun celebration! I miss you Nick. You make this day special in many ways but mainly that you love celebrating with me every year. And you better be here next year to celebrate with me!

Yay, I love October 26! :)


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