Life with the Laparra’s lately

22 Aug

So, naturally when I’m sick I stop functioning just enough to where I’m barely living…or so it feels. I’m still taking care of my baby girl but that’s just about it. It sucks. It’s not fun. I hate it. I’m sure there are a thousand ways I could say it.

Anyway, what have we been up to besides catering to my morning sickness?

1. We are moving. No, not back to Minneapolis, all you hopefuls. The place we live in now is so small sometimes I can’t breathe because there is no space to GET AWAY. I can hear Solace in every room throughout the house and we don’t own a baby monitor. We have a new baby coming and Nick’s bro, Daniel, is coming to live with us at the end of the year. No room in the inn. So we are moving into a much bigger home and I’m pretty excited about it. Not the packing and unpacking (again). This will be our 5th time in 4 years of marriage.

2. I’m having crazy pregnancy dreams. Nick and I were comparing ours the other day. I saw a helicopter while we were driving and it reminded me of my dream that night. I was piloting a helicopter being help up by balloons and was being chased by dead orphaned children. Nick looks at me and says, “All I dreamt about was that I was driving a motorcycle and saw someone I knew.” It’s crazy in my mind at night.

3. We are thinking of getting a dog. More on that later.

4. My morning sickness has been terrible, as we have already gone over. So my doctor gave me a prescription for Promethazine (Phenergan) and said to take 1 every six hours as needed. He said it could cause drowsiness. What usually happens to me when I take “drowsy” medicine is it makes me anxious and sometimes I start to hallucinate. So I didn’t want to take it before bed in case it kept me awake. I took one the next morning. Within 90 minutes I started to feel really funny. Really….tired. It had been YEARS since a medicine made me sleepy. I put Sol down for a nap and went to nap myself. I woke up when she woke up about 2 hours later and I physically could.not.move. I had to force my eyes open and my arms to move as I told Nick he needed to come home and take care of Solace. I was out for the rest of the day and night. It was awful. And I had only taken 1!

5. I updated the About page on my blog!

6. I entered Solace into a Gerber baby contest. I want her to win. She totally could. Come September 4 I will probably be bugging you all to vote for her once a day until the 24th. Don’t hate me. I can’t help myself. Could you??


2 Responses to “Life with the Laparra’s lately”

  1. tareesea August 22, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    What a cute baby!!

  2. joyfilledbloggers August 22, 2012 at 10:58 pm #

    Oh those eyes. So gorgeous!!

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