pregnancy and an infant are a hard mix

5 Aug

Nick and I found out about a month and a half ago that we are pregnant. This was a HUGE SURPRISE to us. It was not planned. :) Nick was very ready to have another one, but I kept thinking about how I literally just had one and I was not ready. I still have a baby, for goodness sake! I definitely took more than 1 test to confirm that this was true.

God has different plans for me I suppose. I think I am still in shock. If I don’t seem super excited, it’s because of that. It’s more than likely also because I have majorly bad “all day sickness” again. I had it bad when I was pregnant with Solace and unfortunately the second time around is turning out to be the same. It’s very difficult to do daily chores and take care of Sol, as well as be on top of my game for Nick and others. I’m worn out, I don’t go out, and am so nauseous. I go to bed at 9:30pm.

Fortunately we were able to hear our baby’s heart beat this past week and then my doctor also wanted me to have an ultrasound. We were able to see our sweet babe at exactly 10 weeks along.

He/she couldn’t stop moving the whole time! Super active. The baby looks just great and everything seems to be going well. We are very thankful. I spent the first few weeks hoping I wasn’t having another molar pregnancy. I wasn’t ready for that again. Hearing the heart beat gave me some peace.

Your prayers are appreciated as I struggle with my morning sickness and try to be a good mama to my Sol-baby. She’s not been getting my 100% lately and I feel horrible about it. Maybe it won’t last until 17 weeks like the first time. Nick has been a sweetheart and taken good care of me.

A few facts before I finish:

*I am 10 weeks and 2 days along

*Solace and this babe will be around 14 months apart

*This scares me to death

*My due date is March 1, 2013

*I have not counted my calories for 6 weeks and I don’t care :)

*coffee smells SO GROSS right now

*Nick is hoping for a boy. I am undecided


3 Responses to “pregnancy and an infant are a hard mix”

  1. yoyosma August 14, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Hey girlie,

    It’s really hard at first when they are so close in age (not just pregnancy, but with the new baby). AT FIRST… the pay out comes some months down the line, when Sol and new baby begin to be able to play together. Not only is it so sweet for them to have their best friend/sibling, it’s been in my experience EASIER in some ways than just having one, because they amuse each other so much and play together instead of constantly needing your attention. When I was prego with Abi I was stressed about having 2 under 2, but it’s been a huge blessing. Congratulations!

  2. Jena August 22, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    Becky… I’m so sorry to hear about your ickyness. Morning sickness or ALL day sickness IS terrible. I pray you get better soon. Don’t let that guilt get to you. I know how it is. :( I can’t wait to see you guys. We’re planning on being up in the Seattle area for Labor day. I’m not sure if Aaron told you guys yet. * I really can’t wait to hold your little babe! She is SO cute. Can’t get over it. ;)

    • Becky August 22, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

      Jena I hope we get to see you then! I miss you and Solace needs to meet you!

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