7 months and getting so big!

5 Aug

7 months have passed and I swear Solace is getting more adorable every day! She’s growing up so fast, I can’t keep up with her.

*she weighs 20.8 lbs and is 25 in long! she’s in the 95% for weight and 30% for height

*she takes shots like a pro. obviously they hurt her, but she never gets a fever or is grumpy afterward

*she finally understands how to eat baby food. for about a month I could only get her to eat 4 bites, now I can’t shovel it into her mouth fast enough! she just needed a little more time to adjust

*she has 2 teeth coming in! we were very surprised to feel the point of it as she was acting completely fine!

*she has now had avocados and Cheerios! she LOVES them

*she is sleeping longer periods of time unswaddled. including at night!

*she can sit up in the grocery cart! this makes things much easier for me in the store!

*she still loves bath time

*her favorite book is “Moo, Baa, La La La.” as soon as she sees me pick it up she starts kicking her feet and smiling!

*she’s enjoying books more in general. its fun to see her completely entranced

*we think she likes classical music a lot. she will stop everything she’s doing to listen to it

*she loves when anyone sings to her. she brightens up every time

*she’s going to be a big sister!

Solace is just precious. Her sweet personality captures so many people’s hearts. I swear I get stopped at least 3-4 times everywhere I go because people want to talk to her and touch her fat cheeks! She enjoys the attention and is not in the least afraid of strangers. We are blessed to have such a chill little girl! We love you, Sol-baby!


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