My Fitness Pal :: best app ever

30 Jun

I’m about to do a huge plug for an app on my phone. I never do this. But I’ve never been happier with the results because of one before. My lovely friend, Jenna, told me about My Fitness Pal while I was in labor. I honestly wasn’t paying attention to her :) About 3 months later I asked her to remind me what she had been telling me that night. As she ranted and raved about it, I realized I needed to get in on this. If it worked for Jenna, it could work for me. And goodness knows I needed to lose weight.

I am simply counting my calories every day using My Fitness Pal (here on out referred to as “MFP”). I entered what my starting weight was, my current weight (which is updated every time you gain/lose weight. It will be the same as your starting weight when you begin) and your goal weight.

as you can see, I am baring all for you guys because I am so stoked about this app.

You then enter how active you are every day, how many pounds a week you would like to lose and how much exercise you will do (or try to do) weekly.

It automatically calculates, based on your height, age, and weight, how many calories per day you are able to have.

Now, it’s easy to enter information and think, YES! I’m going to lose weight and then not discipline yourself to actually follow through. It takes serious discipline. The first month was the hardest for me. I didn’t lose a single pound and it was rough thinking about calories all day. I’m going on month 3 and it’s a piece of cake now. MFP makes it ridiculously easily to calculate how many calories are in the meal you are eating. There are hundreds of other users who have already entered in the data for you, you just have to find it.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how I calculate a meal.

This is what my food diary looks like so far today. When I want to add food to my diary I hit the “add” button in the top right corner. It takes me to this screen.

From here I can choose to add food or exercise (I don’t use the water tab as much as I’d like. It’s my main drink though). Let’s say I’m going to add more for lunch. It will take me here.

It automatically brings up any food I have entered in the past for lunch. I can scroll through them til I find what I want OR (and this is the BEST PART YOU GUYS) I can scan the freakin bar code!! Push the scanner button in the top right corner and hold it up to the bar code on whatever it is your eating and it will show you how many calories are in a serving size!

You can change the amount of servings you have and it will calculate the calories for you. (i love it so much)

If what you’re eating doesn’t have a bar code (say you’re out to eat) just search for what you’re eating and it will either pop up (popular restaurants are usually already in the system) or do I what I do, just guesstimate. Find something close to it and add it. Or enter “quick calories” if you know exactly how much is in it but you can’t find the food itself in the system.

You can also add friends on MFP for more accountability. Every time I add an exercise I did, or update my weight, someone comments and cheers me on. And when someone doesn’t log in, it tells me and I can encourage them to do so!

I know, I sound crazy and obsessed. But it really works and it’s so easy! I have lost 11.2 pounds in 3 months just by counting calories.

See? And up until a week ago I wasn’t even exercising! For real! I’ve just started taking a fitness class at the Y three times a week. Now that I’m losing the weight, I need to tone my body back down.

I love MFP. I don’t think I will ever eat the same way again. I was shocked when I realized how many cals a day I used to eat and what they were wasted on! I no longer eat hamburger buns or regular coke (oh my lanta that was so hard) or DQ (a small m&m blizzard is 660 cals!!). I only eat serving sizes of everything. It’s unlike any other “diet plan” because I can eat anything I want and as long as it’s within my calorie limit for the day, I don’t usually feel that bad! I can eat ice cream, people. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s forced me to eat healthier and wiser.

Ok I’m done :)


4 Responses to “My Fitness Pal :: best app ever”

  1. Nick June 29, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    So proud of you love!

  2. talithapiper June 29, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    I love this but I can’t use it!!! :(
    You have to be 18 to use this. Really annoying! I want to try it so bad!
    Good for you Becky!


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