Happy first Father’s day to my husband

17 Jun

 Today we celebrate this Father’s day in Newport Beach, CA. We had an awesome brunch at the Daily Grill and I bought him a hat and shirt from Urban Outfitters that look awesome on him!

During breakfast I asked him some questions on his take about being a Papa.

what is your favorite part of being a father so far?
-waking her up in the mornings. it’s so fun
-just having her. she’s so awesome

what is your least favorite?
-lack of freedom…not in a bad way. Just we can’t spontaneously do things the way we used to.

what’s the hardest?
-nothing hard necessarily. everything seems easy because she’s so good. maybe just thinking about not being a good dad; it weighs on me a lot.

what has surprised you the most about being a father?
-how much I love her and would kill anyone who tried to mess with her. I would kill a grown bear for her

what 2 things do you most want her to learn from you?
-Jesus is always good and life is a lot of fun

what do you want to do better or more of right now as a father?
-spend more time (quality and quantity) with Sol and you

what is the funniest thing that you’ve done or had happen to you since becoming a father?
-when Sol peed on your back!

Nicolas John, your daughter is so blessed to have you as her Papa. The way she looks at you could light up a whole room. And the love I see in your eyes for her just takes my breath away. You’re doing an amazing job of being a papa so far and it can only go uphill from here.

We both love you and appreciate you beyond words (plus, Sol can’t speak words!) Thank you for all you do for this family. We are so grateful for what you do.

Love, love

your girls


One Response to “Happy first Father’s day to my husband”

  1. elisabethgracelaparra June 18, 2012 at 7:34 am #

    I love this! Especially the part about Sol doing her business on your back! haha :) He really is such a good daddy!

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