Solace’s birth story :: Part 2

2 May

Solace’s birth story :: part 1

Andrew and Lindsey came over sometime around dinner time and gave me a massage which felt great. At one point my contractions stopped for 30 minutes and I thought maybe it was all a false alarm. Then I got sad cause I really did want to meet little Solace! Then I had another one and it was really brutal and long. It helped for me to stand and then bend over a chair or couch when I had these early contractions. Nick spent a lot of time on the phone with the insurance company and the hospital.

I kept giving Jenna updates which sounded a lot like this:

Those were the appropriate conversation pieces. So she started getting herself ready to come to the hospital when I said so. She told me that the whole Scheetz family had an “understanding” when it came to this. Her hubby, Brent, was gonna hold down the fort so she could be with me. (Thanks Brent!)

Around 7:30 pm I was bored and in pain so Nick and I sat down to watch Star Wars. It was nice to have a little distraction. After an hour or so I felt a contraction coming on and started panicking because I needed to stand up so badly but I couldn’t without Nick’s help. He came over quickly and I remember holding onto him so tight and then I felt something I can’t even explain in words and — bam— my water broke. Somehow I had the thought to move off of our rug and onto the wood floor for easier clean up. I started laughing and told Nick it felt so warm.

At this time, I officially let Nick freak out. I was standing there immobile at this point because as soon as my water broke my contractions moved to barely 2 minutes apart. Sometimes I would have 2 right on top of the other. I was now in so much pain I could barely breathe. He was grabbing our bags and shouting things as he ran up and down the stairs. I finally told him I needed to change my clothes and pee. He almost didn’t let me!

The 2 minute drive to the hospital was unbearably long. I couldn’t completely sit on the seat and I felt like we hit every bump along the way. We pulled up to the emergency room door and Nick dropped me off so he could park and bring our things. I (barely) sat in a wheel chair and waited for him. They wanted to take me to the room without him but I was not going anywhere without my husband!

to be continued…


3 Responses to “Solace’s birth story :: Part 2”

  1. talithapiper May 2, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Ooh i’m riveted by this Becky! Part three better come soon! Love Jenna so stinkin’ much :)


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