Solace’s birth story :: Part 1

19 Apr

This is so late in coming. But it’s here now! 

On December 31, 2011 I woke up around 1am with wave-like cramps. I had never had any Braxton-hicks or even false labor so I didn’t know what contractions felt like. My due date was still 7 days away so I was in denial that this was actually “the real thing.” I went to the bathroom hoping it was just some weird pregnant thing and I had to poop. I went back to bed thinking it was gone. I woke up less than 30 min later with another wave-like cramp.  I  googled on my phone what contractions felt like just to confirm my suspicions. That was the beginning of 5 hours with no sleep.

I finally was in so much pain that I went downstairs because I didn’t want to bother Nick. If this was for real labor I wanted him to have as much rest as possible so he would be totally awake and focused to help me later. I watched Friends from 4am – 6am and tried to doze. Around 6am I went back upstairs determined to get some rest before anything major happened. I was in and out for an hour and a half. I would wake up during a contraction and push my hand up against the headboard in an effort to ease the pain.

Nick woke up at 7:30am while I was having a contraction and wanted to know what I was doing. I couldn’t answer. He figured it out pretty quickly. Then he started panicking. Because of our insurance, our baby really needed to stay inside of me until January 1 or delivery wouldn’t be covered. That included checking into the hospital. Nick put me on bed rest and I tried to time my contractions. They varied between 7 and 15 minutes apart. I guess the walk around Uptown the night before really helped start labor!

Around 8:30 am I began texting with my friend Jenna. She was planning on being in the room with me during delivery and I wanted to keep her abreast of the situation. Plus, she made being in labor a lot more fun. :) When I told my mom I was having contractions the first thing she asked me was if Jenna was in town!

Sol’s room was still a mess. Our crib hardware had just arrived the day before and we had planned to spend the day getting her room set up together. However, he set up the crib himself while I stayed in bed. Every once in a while he would come in to talk to me and when he would see me have a contraction he would swear up and down that it was time to go to the hospital. I reassured him every time that I’m positive I would know when it’s time to go.

I showered, blow-dried my hair and put on makeup.  I spent the day keeping family updated and laying on our bed or couch. Nick ran an errand for me. I don’t remember the whole list but I know I asked him to get batteries and a nursing tank top. Haha. I also remember laughing and telling him that I was right about what our last date was before our baby came :

Dave n’ Busters arcade!

This was 3 days before now

to be continued…


5 Responses to “Solace’s birth story :: Part 1”

  1. sewjenna April 19, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    Agh! That was some good texting! You kept me good company that day ! :)

    • Becky April 21, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

      more like you kept ME company!


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