The finished baby room! (long overdue…)

29 Mar

So 4 months ago I lamented about how far I had to go in preparation for Solace’s room. It was hideously messy. I was so overwhelmed by what had to be done. I don’t think it’s still officially done; I would still like to print out some pictures to go in it.

So, while I was in labor at home (that post is in progress!), Nick was actually setting up the crib! A dear friend of mine– Shout out to Jeanea and Andrew!– drove this crib up to us from West Virginia but couldn’t find the hardware for it. Then it got lost in the mail, got sent back to WV and finally arrived at our house mere hours before I was writhing in pain with contractions. I really wasn’t prepared at all for Solace to be sleeping in her room 2 days later. This is the cleanest her room has been since my mom and dad left 2 and a half months ago.

So without further ado, Solace India Mae’s room…

the view from our room into hers. I found the dresser I wanted off of craigslist! 

out of everything, the dresser and mirror cost me the most. I purchased the mirror at Urban Cottage

the glider was our Christmas gift from my parents. the mobile is from Amazon. the nightstand was from an antique sale. nick painted it on Christmas day!

lamp is from Ikea. the blanket is from India, given to Sol by her aunt Jessica. the teddy bear is from Build-a-Bear and is from her papa :)

my dad made this shelf for me when I was a teenager. I spray painted it to match the other furniture. A Book of Sleep is the cutest book I’ve seen yet. The illustrations are phenomenal. The other book is called B by Sarah Kay which Nick gave to me. It’s a love note from a mother to her daughter. 

Jenny Rigney made the banner and the tiles for my baby shower which was a “cookies and milk” theme

each tile describes a different type of cookie. it’s adorable!

I spend so much time in here, it’s nice to have it looking cute and friendly. Solace obviously couldn’t care less what it looks like, but hopefully someday she’ll appreciate my efforts (as well as the panic, distress, anxiety and devotion that I put into this room!) I never did find a rug for the middle of the floor but that’s ok.

Fortunately in the pictures you can’t really tell that the floor slants so badly that all the furniture is strategically placed and can never be rearranged unless we want things to go flying and baby to roll. No. just…no.

Approximately 5 minutes after taking these pictures, I decided to bring out Sol’s 3-6 month clothes (yes, she fits them) and the room became a disaster once again. :)


One Response to “The finished baby room! (long overdue…)”

  1. Mom March 30, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    Umm….what happened to the lovely chair we put in the room. I was sad to see it gone. But my sadness passed quickly when I saw it got replaced by that adorable little bundle of sweetness…oh wait- unless that is Eryn and you’re trying to trick us this time??!?

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