2 months old!

4 Mar

It’s hard to believe Solace is 2 months old already! In some ways, it seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital but then most times it feels like years ago already.

Solace the day she was born

We had Sol’s 2 month check up on Friday. She weighs 12 lbs 3 oz (67th percentile) and she is 22.5 in long (36th percentile). We have a short, chunky baby :) She also got her DTaP shot and Rotavirus oral vaccine. She didn’t cry at all. Our doctor was so pleased with her progress, especially her social skills! Sol smiled and cooed at the doctor the whole time. I was so proud :)

Solace at 2 months old! She looks so different!

 A few tidbits about Sol:

*She smiles and coos constantly.
*She is no longer in any newborn clothes.
*She sleeps between 7 and 10 hours every night.
*She falls asleep on her own without being rocked
*After much prayer and tears, Sol is now exclusively formula fed and doing great.
*She loves her paci but is trying so hard to suck on her fingers.
*She has a mild case of cradle cap.
*She hasn’t lost any of her hair.
*Bath time has become one of her favorite activities.
*Mama’s voice makes her light up
*Papa’s chest is the best place to take a nap
*The ceiling fan is her best friend

I can’t explain how much I love having Solace as my daughter. No matter what, I am always excited to see her face, smell her skin, and hear her coo. I miss her when she’s napping. I love to show her off (and she’s not so bad at being the social butterfly!) It is tiring, yes. I’ve never looked forward to the weekends more than I do now. But it is so rewarding.

Oh I love her little tongue!

photo by Drew Laparra. She has the most kissable cheeks!

I can’t wait for so many more months and years with this precious little pixie. We are so blessed to have her!


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  1. Bekah March 4, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    love. <3

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