2 weeks in, forever to go

15 Jan

It’s hard to believe that Solace was never a part of our lives. I can no longer imagine a home without her sweet scent, beautiful face, and that infant cry. Nick and I are forever in love with her. She is now two weeks old. You don’t understand the term “life-changing” until you’ve had a child. Getting married is more like “life-enhancing.” Since Sol has been here, not one thing about my life is the same.

For one, I can’t stop thinking about her. Everything I do involves her. I need to go to the bathroom, I think, is she ok til I’m done? I eat food, I think, will this be ok for her to eat later? I sleep and think, ok how long will she be sleeping and will I get any rest?

Two, I love her in ways I didn’t know were possible. Every day I love her more. She knows my voice and my smell, so when I’m around, she pierces me with those big eyes and melts my heart. We’ve been trying to keep her awake for at least 40 minutes after nursing during the day and it’s quickly becoming my favorite time of day. She’s such a bundle of sweetness during those times! And it’s helping her sleep better at night.

Three, my husband is loving and living in a brand new way. It’s crazy to see how much of a softy he can be :) Solace has him wrapped around her little finger already and he is so happy about it.

Four, my body will never be the same. I’m still healing from her delivery. Breast-feeding is doing a number on me (it’s much harder than I thought it would be!) I think I’m becoming accustomed to not sleeping as much, which kinda makes me sad because I love sleeping. I’m not saying I don’t need it anymore (heaven forbid), but yeah, I don’t really have a choice in the sleeping department right now. And my hormones are out of this world. Buckets of tears one minute, completely fine the next. It’s a roller coaster.

I could go on and on about it but in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way. (ok, maybe more sleep!) I’m in love!


2 Responses to “2 weeks in, forever to go”

  1. Margaret V January 15, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    You are so right. I was trying to put the marriage vs/ parenthood thing into words the other day and just couldn’t. You nailed it!

    And I promise the whole hormone/sleep/breastfeeding thing will get better before too long. No, your body probably won’t ever be the same, but you SHOULD get most of your sanity back soon :D I can’t WAIT for a full night of sleep again. Clara slept for 8 hours last night and stupid me stayed awake for the first 5 hours of it….I kept thinking…any minute she’s going to need to eat and I don’t want to wake right back up to feed her.

    Breastfeeding is HARD! I’m so proud of you and grateful to God that it’s working out for you. Clara is my first successfully breastfed baby, and up until a week ago, I wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to give up (she’s 9 weeks now).

    Congratulations, and Solace is so absolutely beautiful/adorable/cute/fantastic!

  2. Mom January 16, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    We are absolutely and totally in love with her too. I think she had dad wrapped around that little finger of hers the day he walked through your front door. She smells so sweet!! We are so thankful we got to spend the first week of her life with her. We are so proud of you and know that Nick and you will be wonderful parents. What a comfort to us that she will be raised in a godly home and shown the love of Christ through your walk with Him.

    Love you Rebecca, love you Nick and love you Solace India Mae Laparra

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