Happy birthday, mom!

25 Aug

Today I have the great privilege of spending the day with my mom on her birthday. I haven’t spent a birthday with her in several years but she’s still not letting me spoil her as much as I want to! Although, I have to publicly thank her for letting me take about 30 minutes to take the perfect picture.

(I know it’s blurry but I really like it!)

Together we watched her 2 charges, twins Harper and Porter. We took them to the mall, shopped, and ate lunch. The parents of the twins just LOVE my mom and got her some gifts of their own. When we came to the house this morning, this was waiting for her.

I’m so glad to see that my mom is appreciated by others. She is very giving and caring so it felt good to see her being taken care of.

I love my mom so much. We’re such great friends. Nick teases us about how much we talk on the phone (and what random conversations we have) but I’m really glad we have a sweet relationship. God has given me a great friend in my mom. I’m super thankful and blessed!

I love you, mom. Thanks for being my friend, my encourager, my advice giver, and my sweet, doting mother (the kind who buys me gifts on her birthday!) You’re the greatest.


One Response to “Happy birthday, mom!”

  1. Mom August 26, 2011 at 6:49 am #

    I love you!

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