On this our anniversary

8 Aug

Three years ago, innocently I stood
and unbelievably happy.
The man of my dreams was only
an aisle away.
Every footstep represented
a vow
to you, my love.
In good times and in bad times.
We’ve had our fair share of each since that day.
I thought we’d never make it through our first year.
Newlywed love,
lined with sinful pride.
Our second year brought
new hope,
and a determination to succeed.
This, our third year, has been
sweet as honey.
Tinged with
and trust.
This year, God has seen fit to allow our first child
to grow in my womb;
a symbol of our love and devotion.
Tears fill my eyes
as I am reminded of how
faithful He has been.
I reflect on the ways He has always
and strengthened us
in our marriage.
Only He knew how sweet our
bond of love could be.
And oh, how sweet it is.
My prayer until death do us part
is this:
That we would grow as husband and wife,
and together.
That our faith in Jesus Christ would mature and flourish
in the seasons of life to come.
That trials would make us stronger,
and victories would cause
our eyes to rise above
and our voices to utter
yet thankful prayers
to the One who holds us together.
My love for you, Nicolas,
grows ever more,
for you
are my heart’s desire.

I pray we have many more sundowns together. I love you, best friend. Happy anniversary.



One Response to “On this our anniversary”

  1. jenna August 8, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    happy anniversary!!! hope you have a wonderful day!

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