Almost halfway there!

6 Aug

I’m back! 

And today I am 18 weeks pregnant. I’ve hesitated putting up a picture for a while now. Not because I don’t want anyone to see, but because I feel self-conscious. Weird, I know. Seems like my belly is not very photogenic. However, here you go…

Yay for baby Laparra! :) :)

My nausea is almost completely gone. Sometimes it’ll rear up for an hour or 2 but no more than that. I’m so happy! I can’t begin to describe to you the horrific-ness those 3 months held for me (and ultimately Nick!). I’m thankful it’s passed.

My body has changed so much. I’m much more uncomfortable in general. I’m still in the beginning stages of my tummy growing so my regular clothes don’t fit but I’m not ready to buy new maternity clothes yet. I run out of breath easily and sigh pretty deeply. Sleeping is a little rough. I think I have a mild case of rhinitis of pregnancy, which is a constant stuffy nose. Not a fun symptom. I still get pretty tired during the day, but that’s to be expected.

My mind? Gone. Can’t find it. I forget so many things during the day. Nick will ask me to do something for him over the phone and as soon as we hang up, I’ve forgotten about it. I’m not exaggerating.

In the midst of these weird changes in my life, I’m so excited because in 2 weeks we find out the gender of our baby!!

Yes, we are finding out.
Yes, we will be telling everyone!

I’m not very patient. I feel like I can’t do any planning without knowing (or at least attempting to find out) the gender! As for the name, we aren’t very sure what it will be, boy or girl, and I’m sure with people like Nick and I, it could change at the very last minute! So we probably won’t be telling that until the baby is born. Picking out a name is one of my favorite parts about being pregnant!

Anyway, until we find out the gender, here is a little poll for you all. What do you think baby Laparra will be? Boy or girl?


3 Responses to “Almost halfway there!”

  1. Shannarie August 6, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    :) u look great! I hope it’s a little girl. Either way the baby will be beautiful!

  2. andie August 6, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    It is totally unacceptable that I pretty much haven’t seen you for 10 weeks.
    love you. :) your belly is photogenic. I think pregnant ladies are the prettiest. except when I was very pregnant in summer and wore some shorts. yikes. ;)

  3. Abby St.Clair August 8, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    Yay, I have been stalking your FB page anxiously waiting for a belly pic but I never thought of checking your blog. Sweet little baby bump, so cute! That’s the best stage of pregnancy IMO. My baby guess is a girl because I’ve been seeing a lot of boys so far this year and I like balance. :) But, if it’s a boy, well I like baby boys, too. :O)

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