Merry Christmas from the Laparra’s!

25 Dec

This has been a crazy Christmas season for us. We had decided awhile ago that we were going to stay home this year for Christmas. However, with the possible coming of our baby at the end of this month (in less than a week!!), we decided to come to my parents house since they live about 4 hours away from where the baby will be born. Nick and I left Thursday night at 11pm and drove the whole night to Tennessee. It was exhausting. But, we’re here! And got to spend Christmas with my family. :)

This year for Christmas I made apple butter as our gift to our friends. I have been waiting to post about how I made it because it was a surprise for my dad who LOVES apple butter and I wanted him to find out Christmas day when I gave it to him. (He was!) Now I finally get to tell all of you about my new-found excitement in canning!

Sarah DeWire and I decided to make this together since we didn’t know what we were doing. We were going to do it October 11 but Sarah went into labor that day so we did it the following week at her house.

First, get a bunch of apples. I got mine at an orchard we went to this fall. Cut them into quarters, leaving the core intact.

Throw them in a pot and pour water and apple cider vinegar over them. Boil it until the apples are all mushy

When they’re done, run it through a food processor. It looks like it will never finish, but it will. (I felt so impatient. lol)

When that’s done, measure how many cups of puree you got out of it and add a 1/2 cup of sugar for each cup of puree. Mix it in with all your spices– cinnamon, cloves, all spice and salt.

Add the juice from a whole lemon and grate the rind to add an extra spice. I love pampered chef products!

Now pour that back into your pot and stir it…for 2 hours. This is the hard part, but if you pop a movie into your laptop, it REALLY helps.

To test if the apple butter is thick enough, chill a plate in the freezer and test some of the apple butter on it. If it doesn’t slide around but rather plops in the middle and sticks, then it’s done!

Before you start heating and stirring your apple butter, wash and sterilize your jars & lids before you use them. This is really only if you plan on canning, which I was.

Pour the really hot apple butter into your sterilized jars right away. I got wide-mouthed jars from Target. This recipe makes rather spicy apple butter, but it’s so tasty. I was very happy with the result!


Then, because I was giving these away as Christmas gifts, I got all crafty on myself and fancied the jars up. This was my first time doing anything like this at all. So, while it isn’t the most creative idea of all time, I was glad I did it!

So, Merry Christmas, my online friends! Thanks for making my “blog year” so fun and enjoyable. Nick and I are enjoying ourselves in TN and we’re about to play a game with my parents, brothers, and Kyle’s girlfriend Jessica! Enjoy the holidays!


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