Movie Time!

7 Jun

Nick and I went to see Shrek Forever After the other night. It was pretty good! I still haven’t seen the 3rd one but I have not heard great things about it either.  Anyway, after purchasing our tickets last night, I automatically reached for my wallet to put my stub in this special “movie stub” compartment. I then realized I have a TON of stubs in here! So, for nostalgic reasons only, I shall write them down. Mind you, these aren’t all as some of them have been lost or they are in some journal somewhere.

Shrek  6/2/10        

Robin Hood  5/19/10         

Iron Man 2    5/11/10       

Alice in Wonderland 3/5/10       

Leap Year/Sherlock Holmes   1/9/10       

New Moon   11/23/09       

Step Father   10/20/09        

Princess & the Frog   12/21/09         

Bee Movie   12/8/07  

Harry Potter (6)   7/20/09

UP   6/2/09

Call and Response  10/18/08

One Night with the King  10/13/06

Pirates of the Caribbean  7/8/06  

Nativity Story   12/26/06

Eragon  12/20/06

Spiderman   5/5/07

Narnia  5/16/08

I am Legend   12/31/07

Indiana Jones  5/31/08

Dark Knight  8/2/08

Santa Clause 3   11/23/06

Narnia   5/24/08

The Unborn   1/15/09

Harry Potter (6)   8/20/09

How to Train your Dragon 4/25/10

There are definitely a bunch missing. But yeah, you can tell what kind of person I am by the movies I watch, and when I started saving them. They are all from after I went onto Encounter! Nice. What a rebel I am.


3 Responses to “Movie Time!”

  1. Katie June 8, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    you seriously keep that in your wallet! oh my…

  2. Allison June 9, 2010 at 9:24 am #

    I think I went to at least 5 of those movies with you! OH and Lep year should have a /Sherlock Holmes after it…just sayin ;)

    • Becky June 9, 2010 at 9:25 am #

      Fixed. lol

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