The newest addition to our family: Marley!

28 May

 So, I posted on Facebook when we got Marley that I could not for the life of me pick out a name for him. I have NEVER had such a hard time figuring out a name before! When we got Katie and Hayley (ferrets) we named them in 5 minutes. This time around it took me 2 days. Oh my. We even had a “naming” party the night we brought him home. You should have heard the names thrown out there! (Thanks Katie, Trent, Stefan and Drew)

Anyway, my FB friends (and Nick’s) were so wonderful in providing ideas for our kitten! I would like to take the time to thank you guys and make out a list of all the suggestions:

  • Sebastian- my mom
  • Gerald- Bekah and Jerald
  • Watson, Bartholomew, Achilles- Bekah
  • Satellite, Van Gogh, Rockwell, Sparticus, King James, Elf, Puggle, Chai- Christa
  • Oliver- Gabe
  • Boscoe- Gabe and Trent
  • Roscoe- Trent
  • Galactus, Don Giovanni Pasquale de los Gatos- Brenden
  • Tucker- Shane B.
  • Wilbur, Thomas, Henry, Gibbs, Buttons, Buddy- Sue, aka mom
  • Muffin- Dennis
  • Terrance- Michael
  • Spot, Fido- Charlene
  • Jasper- Mindy
  • Katface, Assfur- Marty
  • Mr Cat- Ashley B.
  • Zeke- Lyssa
  • Boots- Ashley C.
  • Ninja- Shane R.
  • Ronald- Ian
  • Hobbes- Gabby
  • Sumatra, Mocha- Mel
  • Grisom- Taylor
  • Melchizedek- Jeremy K.
  • Rocky- Brian
  • Melvin- Matthew
  • Mr. Chubbs- Claire
  • Doyle- Matt
  • Barb- Jamie
  • Bob- Kathryn
  • Matty D- Matt D.
  • Rolo, Frodo- Kyle
  • Smitty (the kitty), Zyrtec, Shmoo- my dad

So I liked a lot of those names and I would start to call him by some and it just didn’t sound right! Some of names Nick and I tossed also around were Tumnus, Digory, Sirius, Lewis, O’Malley, and Figaro.

Which one is your favorite name?


One Response to “The newest addition to our family: Marley!”

  1. Ashley Cooper May 28, 2010 at 5:25 pm #

    Your dad came up with Zyrtec??? Oh my word-that is hilarious! :) I think Tumnus and Digory are super cute-from some of my favorite stories :) Maybe for your next kitty ;)

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