Now I Can Relax

19 May

We have the best landlord! I love it! He is going to tweak it a little bit cuz its kinda wobbly in the center (it’s not hooked to the ground at all), but at least its in! That’s all that matters. Now I wanna find baby gates…but I don’t really need them yet. Ok, putting the keys down.

We had our visit with our social worker today. It went well. Not much to tell about it, except I kept yawning every 10 seconds. Then my eyes would get watery. Sigh. But Nick came to the rescue with some tea (thanks, love!), since we were out of coffee (which is what I wanted) and it woke me up. No more yawning! We will be meeting again next Wednesday to talk about biographical stuff (aka; tons of questions to answer about ourselves). She loved the house though! Heck yeah she did.

I also bought this book today:

The Baby Name Wizard

Andie told me about this book. I am seriously obsessed with names. Ask Nick. I sit around and think about them all the time. I just love finding exotic, new names. And yes, we have names picked out for a boy or girl and no, I’m not telling you. :) And Nick won’t tell you either. I can’t wait to read this though!


2 Responses to “Now I Can Relax”

  1. Mindy May 20, 2010 at 4:09 am #

    looks great! I’m glad it went well :) and i LOVE baby names too! Brian and I have like 4 of our future children already named! haha… i guess that means we better get a move on??? Praying that all goes well and you are a mommy soon!!

    • Jeanea August 2, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

      Becky, how many times have we gone over this? Your first child will be name Jameriqua Jaquavius Shoneequa Laparra. You don’t need a book. Besides, I’ve already got monogrammed blankets and stuff with that name. . .

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