Something that has been worrying me lately

6 May

These are the stairs into our bedroom which is on the 3rd floor. You might think this is trivial, worrying about stairs. And it probably is to 99% of you. BUT that other 1% has FALLEN, yes fallen, down these stairs. It kinda reminds me of a gaping hold of Death. But I digress.

We are adopting and in this process we have to have a social worker come visit and inspect our home and our lives. If you would take one more look at the pictures above, you would see why I have been worrying about them lately. Inspection of these stairs would, I believe, result in failure. That’s something that frankly I wouldn’t want to happen.

I asked Nick to email our landlord 2 days ago about getting railings in there ASAP. I figured it couldn’t hurt. I got an email back from Nick like 30 minutes later saying that he was ALL FOR IT!

Can I just say that a HUGE weight was lifted from my shoulders? I have been having nightmares about these stairs, people. And death has been involved. (Don’t judge me) Our landlord came over yesterday to take measurements of the sides of that gaping hole of death yesterday. He said he even has all the parts for the railing and has just needed a really good reason to push him into putting those suckers in. I’m a motivator. :)

I’m not worrying anymore. Thank you, Lord.


One Response to “Something that has been worrying me lately”

  1. andie May 8, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

    That top picture really DOES look like the gaping hole of death. You look at it and think, I wonder what floor I will end up on if I step over that precipice.

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