The Downside of Marriage is Myself

11 Feb

I never thought I would do so badly at being a wife.

Love. Intimacy. Communicate. Date. Children.

Wrong. It’s so much more complicated and I only have me to blame. Me. Myself. I don’t know how to speak, act, obey, respect, love, cherish, adore. Where is Jesus in my marriage? I pushed Him out. I told Him I could do it on my own. I let Him know He wasn’t necessary. That I was so good at being the best wife.

That’s why I am failing. And it won’t get better until I step aside and let Him lovingly guide me. Let Him guard my tongue. 

I NEED TO LET GO! Give it to Jesus. Love my husband. Respect my beloved. Isn’t that what I said I would do, that day I said “I do”? I’ve been backing out on my vows. My VOWS.

I love my husband. I do. I need to love Jesus more so I can do the things I vowed to do on 8.8.08. Without Him, its impossible.


One Response to “The Downside of Marriage is Myself”

  1. mom August 11, 2010 at 6:53 am #

    You are so right, without God it’s impossible. Hand the reigns back over to Him and watch an amazing, wonderful, Father, do an amazing, wonderful, work in you! I know what you are talking about from personal experience, we do tend to tell God, Thanks, but no thanks, I think I have it from this point on, taking the reigns from Him. All we end up doing is going on our own strength and totally messing things up. Without God..yes impossible. With God…possible and absolutely amazing!!! I love you, mi hija!!!!

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