Robin Lynn Barnhart

10 May


My mom understands the meaning of sacrifice. From the time I was born, I think that’s all she’s ever done. Until I was older, I never really understood. My mom had three children; myself, Michael and Kyle. She has loved us unconditionally.

She stayed at home because she loved to be with us. She babysat at least 3 children under the age of 2 for extra income just so she could take us out to eat or buy us fun stuff that we didn’t need but she wanted us to have. She homeschooled all three of us (at the same time she watched other people’s children) so we could stay at home and learn from our mother.

I don’t ever remember a time that she didn’t jump up from the table as soon as we finished praying before a meal, just so she could continue serving us. I used to sigh with relief when she would sit down and read a book because I knew she was finally getting rest.

Every morning, like clockwork, I would find her in her room by her bed praying, or reading the Word. She constantly pointed us back to Christ in all we did, or every time she disciplined us. She was also there the night I accepted Christ as my Savior.

My mom is the greatest servant and I know she loves me beyond words. I have been so blessed and so I just want to tell you, mom, that I love you and am so thankful that God placed me in your care. Thank you for your many gifts, your time, your prayers, your encouragement, your love, and your sacrifice. I can’t say enough. Happy Mother’s Day, mom:)



One Response to “Robin Lynn Barnhart”

  1. Stephanie May 15, 2009 at 9:52 pm #

    Your mom sounds amazing! Like the blog! :)

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