Why Night Psalms?

7 May

I realize it’s not the most convenient thing for everyone; me changing my blog address. But I did feel it was necessary. Here’s why:

1. Psalms 42.8 just so happens to be one of my most cherished verses. By day and by night my Lord is watching over me. I can’t even fathom that! I need so much sleep, but He doesn’t. And at night He is singing songs over me. Wow. I love singing. I imagine He has a great voice!

2. I felt my blog needed some sort of theme, or reason. I was getting tired of having to explain why I chose “oh my lanta” and I was getting bored by how insignificant it was. I want my blog to actually have a purpose. If that makes sense.

3. I think Night Psalms sounds super sweet. No, really.

So, I’m sure there are more reasons, but hopefully that’s enough to keep you coming back even if I did make you update your feedreaders and all that mess. :)


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